My Favourite Places to Visit in Scotland!


If you live in Scotland, there are some amazing places to visit. There are still some other places I would like to visit too!

Here’s a list of my favourite places to visit!


A sea-side town with an amazing beach and the ice cream shop there makes the most amazing ice cream I have ever tasted! Not to mention the fresh fish at the chipper!




Another seaside town, going at the times where tourists aren’t around is better as it’s more quiet. It is next to the Isle of Mull (where Ballamory the kids show was filmed, in Toblamory.)


A little town where people use the ferry quite a lot, one thing I am still to experience! Again amazing fresh fish. There is a restaraunt I adore right next to sea across from the gift shop, just down from the campsite.


A small village with amazing views! If you like photography then Dufftown is like a dream for scenery. It also has Dufftown Fairy Village where in the forest, someone has made a little village with miniature houses and they are so stunning. It is also where the Glenfiddich Distillery is located, that makes Glenfiddich whisky.


A little town with more stunning scenery but the town itself looks like it’s from a movie! If you go around October time, you can attend The Enchanted Forest. We went in 2018 and I want to go every year for as long as it is running! It was absolutely magical and it’s fun for all the family!

And lastly, Gardenstown.

A very small little seaside village that is really quiet but stunning. There is a really, really old graveyard with skulls and crosses on the gravestones!

Bullying: When To Talk About It


At some point in our lives, we have all experienced a type of bullying. It could be because of hair colour, the type of clothes you like to wear, the colour of your skin, your taste in music or simply because you are an easy target for that person. But when is enough, enough? When is the right time to talk about it?

So many people are being bullying in this day and age through social media, at school, in hospitals or in a social setting. I have seen many people be bullied because of having a stoma bag or being chronically ill, yep that’s right, bullied for being ill. I’ve been there. I was bullied via twitter for posting a picture of myself sunbathing with my ileostomy bag out on show, no poop or stoma on show, simply laying in the sun on a blanket in the garden! The thing is with bullying, whatever type of bullying it is, it is still bullying. The right time to talk about it is when it gets to the point where it is upsetting you and they won’t back off. If they are relentless or keep making snide remarks, you must speak up and tell someone.

A really good website and charity that I found that can really help is called Young Minds. They help young people who have or are being bullied and with mental health conditions in young children. “We’re leading the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges. We’re here to make sure they get the best possible mental health support and have the resilience to overcome life’s difficulties. The crisis in children and young people’s mental health is real and it is urgent. More children and young people than ever before are reaching out for help with their mental health. But for those who take that brave step, help is much too hard to find.”

They have a website which you can view by clicking here. They also have a phone line where you can call and talk about the bullying or issues you may have at present time.

Don’t let bullying take over your life, take over your own life and stop the bullying by speaking up and fighting this together!





Fatigue is a not so funny, funny thing. You go to sleep, you wake up and still feel as if you could sleep but your mind is wide awake yet at the same time giving you brain fog – a term in which is used to describe the inability to function mentally with the fatigue.

Your body says no can do today. So you wish the next day for yourself to be full of bounce and able to do some simple tasks. But again you wake up repeating the same process, hoping the next day, then the next day for this lease of energy. You struggle to shower, get dressed, you forget medications or forget to eat, the housework and daily chores are literally – a chore! Your body aches and some days the fatigue can make you feel low in self esteem, lack confidence and just feeling down in the dumps. You nap and wake up feeling worse then unable to sleep at night and before you know it your sleep cycle is totally f*cked up!

Then a day arrives that you get energy and it is truly amazing! You get all the housework done and the house is sparkling clean, if you have animals or children everything is all upto date and all are washed and clean with clean bedding, you remember to take your medication, you make a meal and eat, you drink plenty fluids and enjoy listening to the radio or music, you are able to go for a walk and actually enjoy it without the aches and pains of your body. You can read a book without looking at the words without being completely confused by gobbidly gook!

So what steps could you take to help in preparation for a bad day of fatigue?

Having drawers for certain things really helps – for example my bed side drawer I clear out monthly which holds my medications, glasses, hand cream, wipes, peppermint oil for my sinuses and lip balm. On my bedside table I keep a bottle of juice to keep hydrated and to take my medications.

Cleaning dishes – I got a table top dishwasher so that all I need to do is rinse my dishes and put them in and they are done in an hour or so. As for the dogs, I have their bowls and food looked out on the counter so it’s easily accessible. You can also benefit from hiring a cleaner if that is something you can afford!

Changing bedding – Changing bedding once a week is hard but if the day of changing my bedding arrives and i’m not able, I will do it the next day, having a dedicated day each week to do this may be difficult but it’s handy as you will get into a routine of say for example “sunday is bed change day“, you can rest the day before.

Freezing home made food is great. I recently had my fridge freezer break so I got an american fridge freezer so meals are more accessible and I know that they are home made and I like them. Sometimes I will find it handy to take things like crisps and biscuits into the bedroom so that if I don’t feel like eating a meal, snacks are at hand.

Don’t feel bad for asking for help. Sometimes it can feel degrading asking for help because you are so tired, but don’t feel bad! If you have a partner, friend, neighbour, healthcare professional or family member that is able to attend your home and help you – ask! When my fianceè comes to visit I ask for help even though I don’t like to. That one person can make that one day much more bareable and easier for you and the company is also really nice.

Netflix and NOW TV on a TV or laptop helps pass the time. There are many good shows on Netflix such as The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Jane The Virgin, Grimm, Riverdale, The Ted Bundy Tapes, Evil Genius and The Staircase. On NOW TV there are great Disney films such as Moana, The Lion King 1, 2 and 3, The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Finding Dory and Tangled.

Many people that donot suffer with fatigue think that fatigue is the same as normal tiredness after a hard days work or a sleepless night. The reality here is that it is not the same thing. The definition and meaning of Fatigue: extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness.

I hope this can help some of you or better; all of you!

-Alannah A.K.A Glittergutsx

My First Time Swimming With A Stoma!


Today I went swimming for the first time with my stoma and it was GREAT!

I got up early today and walked one of Jaimie’s dogs then came home and did some washing – the usual household chores and finally decided (after weeks of bleeding and being unable to go swimming) that today was the day I was going swimming. I had my shower and popped on my swimming costume under my clothes and took my stoma supplies with me incase I needed them, a large towel, toiletries and some change for a locker and to use the hairdryer to dry my bag afterwards. As I walked into the swimming pool, my auntie who works there let me know that due to being on PIP and ESA, you get 60% off!  After setting this up and paying which only cost me £2 to swim today! , I went through to the changing facilities and put my stuff into a locker and went into the showers before entering the pool.

The first thing that got me excited to swim was the amazing smell of the chlorine and how much memories came flooding back to me from my childhood swimming with friends and family. I put on a swimming cap and goggles and dipped into the water, it felt luke warm so just perfect! As I haven’t been swimming since I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at 17 in 2012 I was a tad nervous that I had forgotten on how to swim! However I put my right foot on the side of the pool and pushed myself and off I went! I was grinning from side to side of my mouth with pure joy, the feeling of pushing through the water was truly amazing. It felt so great and although my joints in my legs did hurt a little, I know it will help them in the long run as it has been recommended by many healthcare professionals to try to help them.

I managed to swim in there for around 45 minutes taking breaks in between and then decided it was time to set off home. I went into the showers and freshened up then dried myself with my big fluffy towel and got dressed then set off home. Once home I felt so relaxed and my joints were a little swollen but nothing compared to what they usually swell up to when I go for a walk! My ileostomy bag and Astoa Adhesive Flange Extender stuck really quite well with only a little peeling at the top where the skin would normally tighten and pull when doing day-to-day tasks or sleeping. Mentally this has been really rewarding for me in the aspects of my mental health with feeling more positive and then being proud of myself for doing something like this!

I highly recommend swimming but please do make sure you get permission from your surgeon or IBD Team first as if you have wound or fistula issues then it may not be a good idea. My advice to anyone wondering about your bag leaking – with the right products this will not happen! You can also get ostomy swim wear at Vanilla Blush (to view womens click womens and to view mens please click mens) or Respond Healhcare to view their range please click here.

Wishing you all the best of luck if you decide to give swimming a chance again!


-Alannah A.K.A Glitterygutsx

Dating With an Illness or Disability


Following The IBD and Ostomy Support Show conversation, talking about body confidence and dating with a disability got me thinking, how is dating with a disability? The real answer is that it really isn’t any different at all. Many people struggle with body confidence or putting themselves ‘out there’ for love because of their illness(s) or disability.

Before having any disabilities, I lived life as normal and dated and never even gave illness a thought.. that was until the age of 17 when I got poorly. However this didn’t change finding love or having relationships. The problem was that the people I gave my time to didn’t give me their time back. After surgery for a stoma I wasn’t given the right support and he only came into hospital once on valentines day 2015 then dumped me on the way home when I was discharged just a few months later. It wasn’t until after my surgery for my stoma that I truly appreciated my body, including my stretch marks and flabby parts! I wanted to know what people’s advice is for people looking for love with a disability..

This is what they said!:

Louise with Crohn’s Disease and an Ileostomy: “Be honest. No point in beating around the bush, getting attached and then revealing your secret and having them turn around and say it’s not worth their time!”

Kaz with Ulcerative Colitis: “Patience and understanding. Be prepared to be cancelled on short notice- offer alternatives- if not we’ll enough to go out, maybe offer to go to theirs and cook- they’re probably exhausted and feeling awful for letting you down and that offer could really boost them up!”

James with Crohn’s Disease: “Let people know that your condition can change at any time for example one minute you can be okay but then you can become really ill in a short amount of time.”

Hanna with Ulcerative Colitis, an Ileostomy, PSC and Fibromyalgia: “My main advice, don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Jonathan with an ostomy and Crohn’s Disease: “Best thing when dating is to be honest and just be yourself. If anyone has a problem with your stoma then that’s they’re problem! I have had Crohn’s Disease since the age of 16 and got my stoma at 26.. 10 years later and I am planning my wedding day!”

Annie with Fibromyalgia, Colonic Inertia, Crohn’s Disease and Bile Salt Malabsorption, Ankylosing Spondylitis: “Don’t be an ass!”

Laura with Crohn’s Disease and a Colostomy: “The disability isn’t who you are. I was completely honest with my now hubby when we first met and we sat and chatted he asked lots of questions, some which I thought were brilliant and I needed to ask myself . BUT I did also burn lots of amazing strong smelling candles too should I have to dash off to the loo! It also helps if you invite your partner along to your consultations. “

Theresa with an ostomy: “Honesty and having a sense of humour.”

Jennifer with Painful Bladder Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety and PTSD: Patience, Compassion and understanding. Just because we have done something before doesn’t necessarily mean we can do it every time and that our ‘days off’ will likely be interrupted or structured around hospital appointments.”

Sahara with Ulcerative Colitis and an Ileostomy: “Just being honest at the start. There’s no point wasting your time dating someone, only to find out a month down the line that they can’t deal with it. So be as honest about how your condition affects you as you feel comfortable early on. That’s what I’ve always done.”

Murk with an ostomy: “Being open from the start is probably the biggest thing. Some people might not be able to accept it so it’s best to get it out there so you don’t waste your time with them.”

Tim with a J-Pouch: Try not to be defined by your pouch it’s not so much a *disability*, it is more something that enables you to live more normally!”

Vivian with an ostomy: “Honey, never forget how to flirt! Even if that’s all we want to do!!”

Jack with Crohn’s Disease: “Be open minded!”

Dustie with an ostomy: “Dating can be a fun learning opportunity and lead one to finding a match made in heaven. My husband still loves me— Zebra or not. I am still super awesome, sexy, funny and his wife after all we’ve been through with my health. He wouldn’t change a thing about his decision to marry me and have baby zebras to have avoided my health issues interfere with our lives. I also realized that for me to stop feeling like I’m a burden to those around me, I have to stop believing I am one. My family and friends would rather have a disabled mom/daughter/sister/wife/bestie in their lives than no one.”

Katie with IBS and Damage of the Sphincter through childbirth: Honesty – I had a wheat and caffeine intolerance but when the man of my dreams asked me out for a pasta and coffee meal deal I couldn’t refuse! Needless to say I spent a lot of time in the toilet so had to confess. He didn’t mind though and he’s now my husband!

Sue with an ostomy: “I love being single…disability or non….❤️”

Myself with Behcet’s Disease and Vasculitis: “be accepting of your swelling, stretch marks and imperfections.. it makes us who we are!”


I think these are some fantastic tips to give to someone who is either dating with a disability or dating someone who suffers from a disability. It is so important to listen to one another and to definitely be honest with the person at all times, and explaining things they may not understand. If it’s something you don’t really understand yourself, there are lots of facebook groups or websites available which can help answer those questions. Be respectful to the person that is suffering and not being ignorant towards illness or disability is key!

If you are looking to date and have a digestive disorder of any kind, please sign up to Gutsy.Dating!

Hope you all have a fantastic valentines whatever you choose and whether you have a partner or you are single!

-Alannah A.K.A Glitterygutsx

I Am Denim London


I am Denim London is the first clothing brand in the world to design ostomy jeans! Founded by Sophie, a survivor of Crohn’s Disease.

Sophie’s journey began when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 7 (a lifelong chronic illness that is aggressive which affects the entire digestive system, causing ulceration, inflammation and a huge amount of terrible side effects), and after having life saving surgery for an ileostomy due to all medications failing, Sophie decided to put her pain and experience into creating her own brand of jeans specifically for ostomates.

“For anyone thats ever struggled with what to wear after major abdominal surgery, those that want gentle support or simply to cover scars or stretch marks, these jeans are for you. After my surgery I couldn’t find jeans that felt comfortable. So finding a pair that looked good was out of the question! It affected my confidence and I craved the ease and comfort I used to get dressed with. Determined and inspired to create the ultimate jeans I Am Denim was born. It was really important to me to create a stylish, high quality denim jean that has a positive psychological effect for people that have undergone any kind of abdominal surgery. It can be life saving and also life changing. Being able to give some one that feeling of freedom when getting dressed is really special. Having spent years developing the jeans so they fit just right and offer complete comfort has been a great achievement. Using a unique second skin waistband technology, I have created the ultimate pair of jeans just for you. Made in Britain to ensure the quality, luxury and comfort you deserve. “

I am Denim has featured on Cat Walks and attends events with a stall providing a closer look into the jeans and you can try them on! Sophie also helps you find the right size and explains in detail how the jeans work. Meeting Sophie at The Purple Wings Day Conference in August of 2018 I loved how positive and helpful she is!

So how do these jeans work?


Inside the jeans there is an elasticated waistband which makes the ostomy bag invisible, providing comfort and a soft touch with breathable high quality denim. There is also a little pouch inside to put your ostomy bag into to keep it secure and in place! After looking at many reviews, I have seen many ostomates say just how soft and comfortable they are! The jeans are also designed to help pregnant women find comfort in wearing jeans whilst feeling secure.


Bag Lady Mama loves them!


bagdaddysteve says he feels good in his jeans! Comfy, cool, slimming, supportive and smart!


crohns.mummy recommended them and loved them after her c-section!


thatsnathan says “Absolutely amazing! Fantastic quality and so helpful for people with an #ostomybag ❤️”

One ostomate says “this is going to be such a game changer!”

Another shares that when you become an ostomate, the choice of clothing (jeans in paticular) is slim. I Am Denim London changed that for them with the comfort of the soft fabric and confidence.

Sophie has created something so fantastic to both men and women who are are ostomates! You can also follow their instagram page @iamdenimlondon I cannot wait to purchase a pair and try them! I find normal jeans from shops very uncomfortable so I tend to wear leggings or jeggings and terribly miss jeans! I will be sharing photos of when I get them!

What’s Your Story? Meet Lauren!

At the age of 5, Lauren suffered severe tummy pains every so often and constipation. As Lauren grew up the pains and constipation also grew worse. By the age of 18 it went downhill for her with constant hospital admissions, countless blood tests, scans, laxatives, painkillers, many sleepless nights and lots of down moments. 11 surgeries and over 25 procedures later, Lauren was told she had Crohns Disease. A year later she was then diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s disease.

“I tried every laxative possible from Movicol, picolax, laxido, tablet form ones, enemas. And I even waited to try a new tablet which was waiting for funding called Prucalopride.”

Lauren has been on various anti sickness medications to help with vomiting and nausea, and is currently on an anti sickness medication called Cyclizine. She has tried so many painkiller medications and is currently on morphine patches and oramorph, taking 40 tablets a day. Lauren also suffers with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (also known as Fibromyalgia) and mental health conditions such as Depression, BPD, OCD, PTSD and Anxiety. After some time, Lauren was then diagnosed with PCOS which has caused her severe fertility problems (for more information on PCOS please click here.), Restless Leg Syndrome and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. She also has back problems which causes a bulging disk in her lower back causing Sciatica. After surgery she developed a bladder problem which requires her to self catheterise (for information on all types of catheters please click here) when required.

After years of suffering with Crohn’s Disease and trying many medications to control it, Lauren went through surgery to have an ileostomy bag fitted. “My stoma surgery was January 14th 2014 and life afterwards was extremely difficult for me, mentally and physically. I was so low recovering from my surgery with the week before having to have a minor op and then my stoma operation which is major. 5 days later I was rushed back in and I nearly died. I wouldn’t go out the house for a while and my stitches had split open and I was on antibiotics for 6 months.”

Despite being unwell and having a stoma bag that leaks from time to time and sore joints, Lauren works full time and finds that it can be extremely stressful with several invisible illnesses and using the loo, carrying supplies at her work station. Lauren has had terrible experiences when using disabled facilities and being refused access to toilets with her “can’t wait card”. “People can be judgmental and not understanding to my situation. And it takes a bad affect on my mental state at times too. My rock through it all has to be my partner Lee and my Dad even though he is poorly and lives in England as I now live in Belfast.”

Lauren’s message to everyone out there with a Chronic Illness or Stoma:

“It does get better I promise even if it seems like it won’t, it will! I couldn’t empty my bag or even change it alone.. I’m 5 years on living with my Ileostomy now and I’ve accepted it’s part of me! I’ve had a few negative times with my bag from online groups and certain individuals being nasty and saying I never had a bag but the best thing you can do for yourself is ignore them and block them then move forward! I try my best to get through those times. Keep smiling and forget those small minded and judgmental group of people.”

Man discriminated at Manchester Airport With Stoma

Michael Anderson, 28, was at Manchester Airport travelling with his work when he experienced odd behaviour from a member of the staff at Manchester Airport, who tried to pull off his ostomy bag in a pat down search.

Michaels journey with Crohn’s Disease started in 2012 which resulted in him having surgery for an Ileostomy just 3 years ago. Since then, he has travelled numerous times through this airport and never had any issues except from today (29/01/2019.)

Michael says ” I walked through the body scanner and obviously a heat source was coming from my bag on the scanner. So I get patted down which is fair enough and it happens all the time at airports, but then he starts feeling my ostomy bag through my shirt which again is fair enough and happens every time. The member of staff then starts yanking my bag through my shirt trying to pull whatever he thought it was out! I said ‘woah what are you doing?’ and he replies ‘take it off!’. I was said ‘you want me to take my shirt off?’ and so I lifted my shirt up to reveal my ostomy bag. The member of staff then continues to tell me to ‘take it off.’ I was replied ‘it’s an ostomy bag mate if it comes off you’ll be covered in shit’. With absolutely no apology or anything he then sits me down on a seat and swabs my ostomy bag for drugs and sends me on my way without saying a word. ”

“I totally understand the need to pat me down and even swab it as I’m sure people could smuggle drugs in a ostomy bag, but to yank it and try and remove it from under my shirt is a joke and has damaged my skin! Surely members of staff must get some sort of training to be sensitive to these issues? I mean, even if you didn’t know what an ostomy was it’s clearly a medical device and not a fashion accessory that I’ve just randomly attached to my stomach! They need to realise that it could shatter someone’s confidence to get them to remove their shirt and yank their bag like that. There will definitely be a complaint going in so they can brief their security staff on medical appliances and make sure nobody else has to go through what I did today.”

“I’ve flew probably 7 or 8 times since my surgery and usually they’re spot on, offer to take you in another room or something like that but I have no idea what this guy thought he was doing when he’s asking me to remove it!”

“I’ve been on the phone to several senior managers at the airport who have agreed more training is required. I’ve also offered to give up my own time to share my story with security during the training so they can have more understanding of what it is like traveling with a stoma and be 100% on being positive and educational with the intention of posting publicly was to shown Manchester Airport that clearly this isn’t an isolated incident and many others have had the courage to say its happened to them too. I am trying to force a change!”

If anyone has experienced this type of discrimination and neglect from airport staff, please report it! You can also find help when travelling abroad from stoma delivery company websites. It is also handy to get a letter from your doctor before travelling to explain your medical condition.

The Purple Wings Calendar Photoshoot!

Myself and The Purple Wings charity would be so grateful if you could sponsor me for the 2020 Ostomy Calendar Photoshoot!

This will be my first photoshoot with my Ileostomy also known as a stoma! I have been fundraising for this charity for a short period of time and I really hope I can get sponsors and fundraise, so that ostomates can regain their confidence during and after surgery for a stoma.

About The Charity:

“,17,100 people need stoma surgery each year.

Purple Wings is Here to Help

Recover, Adapt & Overcome

The vision of the charity is to help ostomates regain confidence through our Time for Me Grants. This is a tailor made service and is very much based on a relationship built between the person applying for the grant and all of us here at the charity. It might be that a person really needs some ‘me’ time by relaxing at a spa, going on a shopping trip and attending a photo shoot for example.

Sometimes the service can provide outings for families and couples as we all know how hard it can be on the people around us at a time of illness. The charity has sent people for meals with loved ones to ensure that ‘us’ time is catered for. We have also sent families for days out. Whatever it is we do for you, it really based on your individual needs and proving that you really can ‘live’ not just ‘exist’.”

To sponsor me, please click here! Thankyou in advance to every single person who sponsors me!

– Alannah, A.K.A Glitterygutsx 💜

Home Remedies

oils for blog

I have experienced and noticed many issues people can have such as a sore spot or sore skin after a bag leak, which leaves us wondering what on earth to use when these things happen. So, I am passing onto you what has been passed onto me that has worked, from items that you may have in your home.

Sore skin after a bag leak 

Calamine Lotion is fantastic for soothing sore skin after a bag leak along side plenty oxygen for a couple of days, at each bag change. I use a cotton wool pad and soak it in the lotion and dab it gently onto my skin then air it out with the window open for around 5 minutes. I use this as well as my skin barrier spray.

Spots or puss spots 

Tea Tree Oil helps to dry up the spots and draw out any infection. I find it’s best to put this on before going to bed at night after washing your face. You can also use toothpaste and let it try, it too is good to dry up spots.

Dry skin 

Coconut oil mixed with sugar is great to exfoliate and get rid of dry skin either on your lips or face and has no chemicals to irritate the skin. It also smells super good!

Cleaning body piercings 

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to clean your body piercings, simply get a mug and pop in some boiling hot water from the kettle and lots of salt and put the piercings in for a few hours. Not only are they sterilized but also super shiny!

Sore throat and cough 

You know when you have a cold in the works when your nose starts to run and your throat starts to get sore with a cough, taking paracetamol appropriately is good. At home you can find things to help in your kitchen to help too. Simply boil the kettle and in a mug put in squeezy honey and some lemon juice, I add in 1 sugar to help sweeten it up! You can also gurgle salt water too before hand.

Sleeping issues or insomnia 

There is information to say that melatonin can help with sleeping troubles which is mostly found in Milk. However Lavender can help if you have the essential oils lying around, drop some on your bed sheets, making sure to avoid where your face would come into contact.

Migraines and Headaches 

If medication isn’t a possibility to help with your Migraines or sore heads, I have found some things that help me when the pain just won’t budge or medication hasn’t worked. Ice packs on the back of the neck and forehead really helps relieve the pain. I also open the window for fresh air to help keep the room at a suitable temperature.

Swollen, Puffy or Sore Eyes

For sore and swollen or puffy eyes, cucumber is really good at taking that down, along side antihistamines. Cut into slices and place one on each eye and leave for around 10-15 minutes,

Blocked sinuses or Stuffy Nose

Peppermint oil combined with Eucalyptus oil is really good for clearing blocked sinuses or if you have a sinus infection and have a lot of pain. It’s great for stuffy noses too as it helps you breathe. I put some drops into a bowl of boiling water or menthol crystals and have it sitting next to me, before bed I make sure to have one at my beside to help me breathe throughout the night.

Toothache, Gum or Abscess Pain

Clove oil is great for toothace, gum and abscess pain in the mouth. Pop some onto a cotton wool stick and dab onto the affected area!

Joint Pain or Swelling and Muscle Pain

Having a nice warm bath can soothe those aches and pains. I found that the Radox Bath Salts were so good on my sore joints, the lavender also helped me to relax and smelled lovely!

Wound Healing or Soothing Wounds

Again, a warm bath with just salt can really help with wound healing or itching. I usually put in a couple of table spoons.