Recovering From Barbie Butt Surgery


Hey everyone! I haven’t been on for a while so i thought i’d share with you my past few months!

Shortly after my last post, I received surgery to remove my rectal stump (also known as a Barbie butt) and it was a great success, untill i got a very bad perineal wound infection. I was readmitted and given antibiotics five times a day with three different kinds in which it made me very sick and weak. I was then given something stronger which i had an allergic reaction to and i almost died. I had a lot of health professionals around me, pumping it out of system with many things and awaiting for my fever and heart beat to calm down before my body went into serious shock, it was pretty scary!! They managed to find a balance of antibiotics and after a few weeks i was up and starting to heal! When i got home, the guy that i was dating decided to leave and end things between us because he was fed up of ‘me sleeping and relying on medication all the time’ and couldnt deal with me not only being ill but the hospital admissions and having an Ileostomy. It’s taken time but things are looking up and i have never felt better to be on my own and to only rely on myself!

I have celebrated my first ever christmas at last! I still have a great support network around me full of friends and family, i couldn’t be happier! I also turn 21 on the 5th of January and have my very first Foam birthday party booked and planned!!! I am so excited and can’t wait to make my birthday a memory to never forget! Of course, it does feel extremely weird for me as i feel i should be celebrating my 18th as I missed that due to being so unwell and on the toilet constantly.

I like to think that when something bad has happened or is happening, it can only mean that something better and good is waiting for you! A very wise and lovely lady who has helped me so much this year once told me ‘bad things are only temporary and only last a little while untill something greater appears’. I hope that if you are reading this and in a bad place right now, i cannot emphasise to you enough that is not forever and your time will come! Have hope, keep fighting and stay strong because in the end it comes down to us alone to keep going and NEVER quit!


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  1. Hey! Glad to hear from you, great to hear you are looking at the positives after everything 🙂 Very inspirational as always thanks for writing xx


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