What’s Your Story? Meet Kyle!

Hey everyone, my names kyle I’m 22!  I have crohns disease and this is how my journey began…

Over a year ago, I had terrible stomach pains, diorrea, sickness, weight loss and blood in my stools. It was so sore and I was so worried that i went to my doctor several times and was diagnosed wrongly that i faught for a long time till I finally got an appointment at the peter brunt centre in Aberdeen for a colonoscopy. I didn’t have a clue what was wrong with me,  then after the colonoscopy results i was admitted to hospital with severe pain, bleeding, high temperature and i was so weak. Ater the endless months of fighting with doctors i finally got a diagnosis of crohns disease in October 2015! My fighting days were finally over and i now knew why i was so ill. Constant flare ups and severe pain means I struggle to work in a job that I love doing which is really frustrating. I’m currently on treatment of azathioprine, pentasa, ferrous sulphate and steroids. I don’t normally speak about having crohns  as I know people have it a lot worse than me and im embarassed about it. I wouldn’t have wrote this if it wasn’t for an amazing inspirational person, who I really thank for helping me to see crohns in a different light. I also lost my confidence and have hid away for a long time, but thanks to you Alannah I am going to look at my disease different and hopefully get my confidence back and I would just really like to say thanks to her and to stay strong!

I am a great man united and Aberdeen football fan and although times have been hard, football has kept me going. I used to go to all the Aberdeen games in the past and i had a season ticket for 7 years! Crohns has put that on hold just now but i really want to get back to it without worrying i will flare at a game!

Heres a picture of my favourite football tshirt!


Thankyou Kyle for your story! I am glad you found me through my blog posts  and i am so glad that i have helped you! Get well soon.


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