Keeping positive!

Hello! Hope everyone is as well as can be! If not, i am sending you my love.As of late i’ve had more problems with and without IBD! So thought i’d best keep you all up to date!

Recently i’ve been having some issues with pelvic swelling, difficulty passing urine, extreme exhaustion, pain and sickness! I was admitted in to ARI last monday and i was discharged on friday night. It’s great being back out to enjoy the fresh air and my own toilet again (haha!) This week has been totally crazy with my liver function and white blood cell count being high and I needed more invasive blood tests done yesterday morning, after only having a set done on monday. I had a call today to discuss these results (yesterday we discussed monday’s results) with my GP next monday morning. They think i may have liver disease which would explain my swelling etc, so when i go to my appointment we will take it from there.

Otherwise things have been good and i have continued great support. I am constantly finding ways to help people cope with IBD and for those who are still trying to get diagnosed, it makes me happy when i know i’ve done what i can for someone else suffering. Having IBD for 8 years or so, i’ve experienced so much that i ramble on about it without even noticing! LOL. My friend Sean and I have created a support group on Facebook called ‘Crohnic Superstars’ to help everyone in the community to keep positive! We have a great admin team and we are all great friends!

People tell me everyday how strong and inspiring i am and that no matter what i’m going through that i always have a smile. My doctor said to me that she doesn’t know how i am still standing and i’m doing great. A question people always ask me is “how do you do it?!”. My answer is… “keeping positive!”. Sometimes things in life happen that we simply cannot control and can be so difficult to come to terms with. I know that no matter how bad things may seem, or how bad they are that we have to keep pushing through this and to keep positive. Nothing in life is easy, difficult times shape us as a person and makes us stronger.

Everything that is happening now will NOT last forever and keeping positive and focused on a better future is the best goal! We simply stand back up when we are knocked down and repeat this untill we find a good balance to fight through this! And one thing that i know of that is certain, you are never alone.

Keep fighting, keep supporting and be yourself! 💜

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