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Bellies Clothes Donate Or Swap

Hi there! I have a great Facebook Group to share with you all that could benefit those with IBD!

“Bellies Clothes Donate Or Swap” is a Facebook group founded by Crohn’s sufferer, Brenda Meakin to help sufferers in the community donate or swap clothes/items they no longer want! I am a member of this amazing group and a very well known group called #GetYourBellyOut which is an online support group to help those who suffer themselves or family and friends who know of someone who suffers. This inspired Brenda to do something great out of a terrible illness, in which it makes us come together as one. There has been so many lovely items donated and we are all truly so grateful to one another having received such nice things, which make us feel great and boost our confidence! There truly is no better feeling than having a new pair of trousers to wear, as many of us simply cannot afford to buy brand new. I myself have had many nice items from members in the group and love them! I also put up items regularly into the group which has helped other members.

The group is run by Brenda and head admin, Sarah Young which works incredibly well! Hats off to these ladies for creating something so great for all of us who suffer, it takes time and patience to run a group and being online sometimes takes it out of us. IBD really has some lows but the highs are so remarkable. The generosity from each individual really shows that these illnesses really do affect the most kind hearted people. We are always looking for new members to join and anyone is welcome! Brenda and Sarah hope to have many more members join and cannot express enough how much the #GetYourBellyOut campaign has not only been an inspiration but a huge support too, in which we have all made friends for life. One thing for certain is that no matter how hard times may be, that we will always have someone at the other end of the phone or in online support groups.

To join the “Bellies Clothes Donate or Swap, please click here.

It really is the littlest things that go a long way, which make so much difference to a sufferers day!


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