Why My Yorkshire Terriers Are So Special To Me.

45121047_10209878127108848_8732649964334743552_nMany people often look at me strangely or say “they are just dogs” when I refer to them as my “kiddos” or “kids”. People don’t understand just how special my little fur balls are to me and the reasons behind calling them my kiddo’s. Even though two are mine and two are my boyfriend’s, they are still all equal in how much I love them.


So I’ll start off with my first yorkie, Barkley.

At seventeen I had become even more unwell with my Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis and my mum was working full time, I was alone full time. It was November just a few months before my eighteenth birthday and Mum seen an ad on Facebook for a little Yorkshire Terrier and showed me him. It was love at first sight! I had said how cute he was and little did I know, Mum had organised to go and pick him up. Obviously I wasn’t clueless and picked up on what was going on! We picked up my little Barkley and he became my little furry companion. When I was sick he would sit in the bathroom with me and lick my hand to comfort me and still to this day he does that when I’m sick. When I was on the toilet for hours he would sit by me and do little growls like he was telling a story, that he still does too.. I can’t pee without him following me! During the time of life where it was only Barkley and me, I had lost 3 babies from miscarries and our bond began to grow like mummy and son. I bathe him, groom him, brush his teeth (He absolutely hates it!) and when he is unwell I nurse him. See, Barkley was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis last year and I just knew we were destined to be in each other’s lives. When I cry he is there, when I am in pain he wedges himself up close to me and licks my hand and I just know he knows about it.

47456749_10210067977894999_9074825404602122240_n.jpgMy second fur baby is Benjie.

He is a very special little boy! Not only is he a rare breed of Yorkshire Terrier which is a Biewer (Black and White in colour), but he also has autism. Benjie was a very difficult puppy to raise and didn’t take to toilet training at all. For months we tried everything to get him to stop doing the toilet inside. He ripped things to shreds, he would cry non stop when away from me and wouldn’t accept bad or good behaviour. As he got a little older he started to hump Bella and would pee on the bed, sofa, doors, table, chairs and anywhere. Eventually it got so bad that the vet also advised to have Benjie given the snip so he wouldn’t have such bad hormones anymore. After another few months things settled down but still not to what normal behaviour is for a dog after the operation. He also picked up other habits like running away out of the garden however he could (due to people petting him through the fence) and barking when people walked past. One day he escaped as he seen another little dog and wanted to play but the owner didn’t know this and screamed the street down and then kicked him and he fled across a road where there were cars driving at the junction and he was terrified. At the time I was hanging out my washing and ran over as fast as I could and Benjie looked horrified and the expression of pure fear on his face. I later spoke to a neighbour, who at the time it happened had seen it and so did her little boy. I also had another neighbour who kept walking past taunting him by saying “shh” to him which made him bark worse, usually people who have experience in dogs know that giving barking attention when walking past is teasing. However one day I caught the women going to hit him on his head. The situation was dealt with and at this point I didn’t know what to do. I ordered a clip on muzzle and tried that however that didn’t work either. The last option was getting an animal behaviourist in. After one session and months of training which was hard work, Benjie improved and still is daily however he still has his usual traits such as having a growling tantrum when being told no and not understanding bad behaviour. What surprises me and many people is just how clever he is with tricks and how loving he is. He hugs just like humans and he lays just like a human by my side in bed! His good days are amazing and he is very well behaved and on bad days I go with it and do my best to be understanding of his autism but also try to make him aware of his bas behaviour and stay consistent (he is very particular about consistency and certain times for out side, food and toys.)



Third is Jaimie and myself’s tiny (like miniature!) Baux.

At the time when we got Baux, we had no idea I was pregnant as I explained in the paragraph about Bella. It’s actually quite funny as at the time my step Mum had told me about a friend of hers who tried for a baby for years and when she got a puppy, she fell pregnant. We laughed as she said it could happen to me but we didn’t take that serious, obviously, who would! After getting Baux as I said previously, I was really unwell. Baux wasn’t a good sleeper and would cry all night and all morning untill it was time to get up. No matter what room she was in, she hated being crate trained. However she was very quick in toilet training with the odd accident. As time went by we let her sleep in the bed one night and she has been great ever since with only one accident and another was due to her being unwell. About a month ago, Baux almost died. One day she got extremely sick and was being sick constantly all day bringing up undigested food and had one accident of a large amount of watery poo. I was advised to stick to water with her and see how she was the next day. When the next day come around she was OK. Later that day unfortunetly, around 1am she started to be sick again and we had to take her to the vet. Baux was sedated and had an x-ray and was kept in over night, the vet had suspected a blockage and it turned out that Baux was severely impacted with constipation and was very dehydrated. The vet called me the next day to pick up Baux and had said that if we hadn’t of taken her in, she would have died. I was distraught, she was my tiny little baby and i couldn’t handle loosing another. We got little Baux home with laxatives and a dludft blankie but she wasn’t right and kept crying, couldn’t sleep or get comfy and her bowels weren’t moving again. We took her in to the vet again and the x-ray showed the impaction had only moved position in the bowel and not evacuated. Baux was sedated again and given an enema and I was told if this didn’t work then she would need surgery and due to how small she is, they told me there was a high chance she wouldn’t make it during the operation. Luckily during the night her bowels started to move and slowly but surely each say she got better. The bond that we have is incredible, Baux doesn’t leave my side. Ever. Because she is so small it’s like having a baby and we nap together and always cuddle. When I shower, she waits for me to come out and welcomes me with lots of kisses! She found her voice a few weeks ago too and is very vocal when I talk to her!

So you see, my doggies are more than just dogs to me, they really are my kids. I am a mummy to them! Not everyone understand and many think it’s absurd but I don’t care. I love them dearly. As I don’t have children and have lost children, my kiddos are just as fulfilling in the position of being a mum to me.

I can’t imagine life without them and I highly recommend getting an animal to keep you company if you are lonely or unwell!

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