10 Things That Help When Suffering From Migraines!

As a sufferer of migraines since the age of 11, I have a routine in place for when a migraine decides to attack. This year has been terrible for migraines and these 10 things really helped me! I thought it’s worth sharing if it could possibly help you or someone you know who also suffers!

So, here are my top 10 tips!

  1. Prepare yourself with essentials such as a bottle of ice cold water, paracetamol, any pain relief you take and an ice pack.
  2. Completely darken a room to lay in comfortably turning off all lights, closing the curtains and blinds.
  3. If you suffer from sickness take anti sickness medication you have prescribed to you.
  4. Go on to YouTube and search for relaxation or sleep meditation music and play it just so you can faintly hear it. It really helps you to relax!
  5. If you have a fan, put it on. I also open the window too for fresh air.
  6. Sleep under a fluffy blanket or a blanket that you snuggle into when you are feeling under the weather.
  7. When feeling a migraine coming on, freshen up before it sets in so that the time you spend unable to move very much, you have brushed your teeth and don’t feel so yuck or smelly!
  8. Make sure to keep on top of your sugar and salt levels, adding dioralyte to your water or in a seperate glass or bottle really helps you from becoming dehydrated. AVOID CAFFEINE!
  9. Pop your phone on silent and let the people closest to you know you are OK and that you may be uncontactable for a few hours.
  10. Sleep it off if you can. Some antickness medications, pain relief medications and pain can make you drowsy which works totally in your favour! I take an antihistamine containing chlopheramine which helps me sleep.

Migraines can totally suck and take the day away from you! Lying there for hours, I even spend hours crying because the migraine is just so intense. It is really important to see a doctor if you are having regular and persistent migraines. Stress is a huge factor so if possible try to think of things to relieve stresses in your life! Many illnesses have migraines as a symptom so by setting up your own routine or following mine can help when they arrive! If you start to feel really unwell and have sinus pain, again seek medical help as this is usually an indication of a sinus infection (and sadly know I it!)

If this helps you or someone you know then I am so happy to be able to help! Take care of yourselves and don’t forget to keep hydrated even in winter!

– Alannah X

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