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Poop Emoji Things that IBD Sufferers Can Relate To!

Today is the beginning of the Crohn’s and Colitis awareness week so, I thought about writing a blog about poop emoji items which may find IBD sufferers some comfort and positivity, in viewing these items! Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at them and all the different things there is out there, but for me I like the little poop cushion and that’s fine for me!

So, whilst looking around social media, I noticed many sufferers posting about poop emoji cushions and clothing and many of us were able to find the positive side to suffering from an incurable illness that has seen so many of us spending hours on the toilet and many hospital admissions. I have noticed it has also brought acceptance to having Inflammatory Bowel Disease. One of the most heart warming things about the poop emoji cushion is how it has brought love and support to sufferers from family members and friends, making poo not such a taboo subject!

During my longest hospital stay in 2015, I got a poop cushion from Ebay to cuddle into whilst I was on strong medications. During the painful days and sleepless nights I somehow got comfort from my little ol’ poop. It made the nurses laugh at how it’s eyes were so big and googlie! So it also brought positivity to such a terrible time. Before I was rushed into emergency surgery for a stoma to be formed, I asked my mum to look after my little poop and being so dosey on pain relief I said to it “see you on the other side!”

Members from the Crohn’s and Colitis forum via facebook wanted to take part and show what poo emoji items they owned!

Krysta with a hot chocolate and cream in her poop emoji cup from Asda!

Eleanor shared a sign from her local pound shop with a poop emoji sign – totally relatable when you need the toilet and people in the household don’t understand the concept of time!

Emily shares her poop emoji pyjamas, slippers and collection! Again so many of us can relate to enjoying comfy pyjamas and slippers especially at this time of year! My favourite is the unicorn poop emoji tshirt!

Charlotte snuggles into her rainbow poop cushion at night to keep her company!

Members of IBD Supheros also shared some items they have!

Leelo shares her badges for her work bag and eraser which are super cute! I am absolutely loving the stoma bag covers too!

Ian has a poop cushion and little keychain!

Fiona has a poop cushion and a soft stuffed poop keychain!

Stacy shows off her poop cushion too looking fabulous!

James from the Colostomy UK Support Group shows his stoma supplies with the poop emoji!

And Shauna from IBD & Me shares her little walking poop emoji that poops out little sweets!

And Emma from the Bellies Clothes Swap or Donate group shows some interesting items and the realness of trying to wrap presents with our little furry friends!

If you would like to get yourself something with the poop emoji, here’s some things that i found online!

These are all suitable for any gender and even children! Which is perfect for christmas gift or a gift to someone you know. I hope this has brought some positivity to you today! Of course, not everyone enjoys the poop emoji items so please don’t get them an item as it may offend! Another great thing however is the interaction it brings within children and how a parent who suffers can explain things in a fun and positive way!

I look forward to seeing all the wonderful awareness posts this week an if you would like to feature on my blog please message my instagram page @glitterygutsx.

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