IBD Charities


For day 6 of the Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week, it’s useful and appropriate to let all IBD sufferers, family and friends of those who suffer know about charities that can help you. 


Here is a few of the charities that I know of who help IBD sufferers

Cure Crohn’s Colitis – “We are committed to passing on 100% of the money we raise. No administrative costs are recovered from donations. Until the formation of Cure Crohn’s Colitis, no British charity has focused explicitly and solely on funding patient-centric research for Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis. There is a pressing need to improve the fairly limited range of inflammatory bowel disease treatment options available and to better understand the mechanisms that cause Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.”

Crohn’s and Colitis UK – “Our mission is to work with all those affected by these conditions to achieve a better quality of life, improve services, and ultimately find a cure. We want to see a world in which people’s lives are not limited by Crohn’s and Colitis.”

The Purple Wings Charity – “Helping  people with a stoma regain confidence and self esteem. The vision of the charity is to help ostomates regain confidence through our Time for Me Grants. This is a tailor made service and is very much based on a relationship built between the person applying for the grant and all of us here at the charity. It might be that a person really needs some ‘me’ time by relaxing at a spa, going on a shopping trip and attending a photo shoot for example. Sometimes the service can provide outings for families and couples as we all know how hard it can be on the people around us at a time of illness. The charity has sent people for meals with loved ones to ensure that ‘us’ time is catered for. We have also sent families for days out. Whatever it is we do for you, it really based on your individual needs and proving that you really can ‘live’ not just ‘exist’.”

IBD Superheros – “Our main goal is to find a cure for Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. We want to raise awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and stamp out the stigma related to it, but we need you to help us to do this! all money raised by #IBDSuperHeroes is invested into patient-centric research, to improve the lives of those with IBD and ultimately, find a cure. We are fundraising on behalf of UK charity, Cure Crohn’s Colitis, who invest 100% of donations to research projects throughout the UK. The charity is voluntarily run and always will be. They work tirelessly, and for free because they have all been affected by IBD in some way; personally, professionally or have watched someone they care about fight this debilitating, and so far incurable disease.”

Everyone chooses a charity that suits to them most, so there is no right or wrong charity to choose! It is completely up to you and of course the people who support you. In Scotland, I know that my IBD Consultants and IBD Team work closely and support Cure Crohn’s and Colitis so that is my reason why myself and my fiance fundraise for them! I am also fundraising for The Purple Wings Charity because of how little charities there are out there supporting people specifically with a stoma. Which ever one you choose, you gain support and finding a cure is the one thing we all desire and need, to get better and have as normal of a life as possible without terrible medications! When that day will come, nobody knows but we can sure as hell keep hoping for it and support each other in the mean time! 




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