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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me!

I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now and I wanted to share some things with you all that you may have not known about me! Of course if you know me IRL then these things will be of no surprise to you!

So here are 10 things you didn’t know

  1. I am a serious gamer and love to play on PC and XboxOne including League of Legends (I have a serious figure collection which has taken up an entire shelf in my bedroom cupboard!), Spyro (remastered), Neverwinter, Gears of War, Diablo, Pokemon and Skyrim.
  2. I have more unicorn things in my home than a child (my bedroom is full of unicorn items such as bedding, lamps, tealight candle holders, teddies, pyjamas, jumpers, onesies, ornaments, evening tea things, slippers, socks, pictures, canvases and hot water bottles. My feature wallpaper is unicorns!)
  3. I absolutely adore hard house music such as The Tidy Boys, Anne Savage, Lisa Lashes, Amber D, Ben Knight, Ben Stevens, JP and Jukesy, Andy Whitby, Mark EG, Paul Maddox, Tony De Vit (a legend who was taken too soon) and technikal.
  4. I LOVE to eat digestive biscuits with dairylea cheese and jam (people think this is strange or weird but it tastes amazing!)
  5. Aside from this blog, I also blog for Comfizz, Ostomy Tips Magazine, Respond Healthcare Ltd and Trio Healthcare!
  6. I can have the worst day possible with health or mental health and fake my pain with a smile.
  7. I worked in the care setting from age 14 up untill surgery and had planned to do my nursing. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  8. I hate hugs. Period.
  9. I can play various musical instruments, sew and when I was able, my art work made my family proud.
  10. I am super ambitious. When my granda passed, it gave me passion and ambition. Still to this day I strive to do great things and make him proud. His passing taught me that life is too short for the same day in day out things. He always told me I would do great things and had talent.

I bet most of you are questioning what on earth those games are that I play from number 1! So if you feel intrigued about League of Legends, head over to twitch or youtube and head over to Gross Gore‘s channel or Bunny Fu Fu and watch their streams!

But the real question is… do you love to eat digestives with dairylea cheese and jam? What are your weird combinations with food? 😁

2 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me!”

  1. Never tried digestive biscuits with dairylea and jam and not sure if lwill. Have had peanut butter on them but thats not so weird .l grow leaf beat/chard and put it in an omelette and lots of other things , it has green effect though.


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