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I have experienced and noticed many issues people can have such as a sore spot or sore skin after a bag leak, which leaves us wondering what on earth to use when these things happen. So, I am passing onto you what has been passed onto me that has worked, from items that you may have in your home.

Sore skin after a bag leak 

Calamine Lotion is fantastic for soothing sore skin after a bag leak along side plenty oxygen for a couple of days, at each bag change. I use a cotton wool pad and soak it in the lotion and dab it gently onto my skin then air it out with the window open for around 5 minutes. I use this as well as my skin barrier spray.

Spots or puss spots 

Tea Tree Oil helps to dry up the spots and draw out any infection. I find it’s best to put this on before going to bed at night after washing your face. You can also use toothpaste and let it try, it too is good to dry up spots.

Dry skin 

Coconut oil mixed with sugar is great to exfoliate and get rid of dry skin either on your lips or face and has no chemicals to irritate the skin. It also smells super good!

Cleaning body piercings 

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to clean your body piercings, simply get a mug and pop in some boiling hot water from the kettle and lots of salt and put the piercings in for a few hours. Not only are they sterilized but also super shiny!

Sore throat and cough 

You know when you have a cold in the works when your nose starts to run and your throat starts to get sore with a cough, taking paracetamol appropriately is good. At home you can find things to help in your kitchen to help too. Simply boil the kettle and in a mug put in squeezy honey and some lemon juice, I add in 1 sugar to help sweeten it up! You can also gurgle salt water too before hand.

Sleeping issues or insomnia 

There is information to say that melatonin can help with sleeping troubles which is mostly found in Milk. However Lavender can help if you have the essential oils lying around, drop some on your bed sheets, making sure to avoid where your face would come into contact.

Migraines and Headaches 

If medication isn’t a possibility to help with your Migraines or sore heads, I have found some things that help me when the pain just won’t budge or medication hasn’t worked. Ice packs on the back of the neck and forehead really helps relieve the pain. I also open the window for fresh air to help keep the room at a suitable temperature.

Swollen, Puffy or Sore Eyes

For sore and swollen or puffy eyes, cucumber is really good at taking that down, along side antihistamines. Cut into slices and place one on each eye and leave for around 10-15 minutes,

Blocked sinuses or Stuffy Nose

Peppermint oil combined with Eucalyptus oil is really good for clearing blocked sinuses or if you have a sinus infection and have a lot of pain. It’s great for stuffy noses too as it helps you breathe. I put some drops into a bowl of boiling water or menthol crystals and have it sitting next to me, before bed I make sure to have one at my beside to help me breathe throughout the night.

Toothache, Gum or Abscess Pain

Clove oil is great for toothace, gum and abscess pain in the mouth. Pop some onto a cotton wool stick and dab onto the affected area!

Joint Pain or Swelling and Muscle Pain

Having a nice warm bath can soothe those aches and pains. I found that the Radox Bath Salts were so good on my sore joints, the lavender also helped me to relax and smelled lovely!

Wound Healing or Soothing Wounds

Again, a warm bath with just salt can really help with wound healing or itching. I usually put in a couple of table spoons.




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