Stoma Wear Brands

I Am Denim London


I am Denim London is the first clothing brand in the world to design ostomy jeans! Founded by Sophie, a survivor of Crohn’s Disease.

Sophie’s journey began when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 7 (a lifelong chronic illness that is aggressive which affects the entire digestive system, causing ulceration, inflammation and a huge amount of terrible side effects), and after having life saving surgery for an ileostomy due to all medications failing, Sophie decided to put her pain and experience into creating her own brand of jeans specifically for ostomates.

“For anyone thats ever struggled with what to wear after major abdominal surgery, those that want gentle support or simply to cover scars or stretch marks, these jeans are for you. After my surgery I couldn’t find jeans that felt comfortable. So finding a pair that looked good was out of the question! It affected my confidence and I craved the ease and comfort I used to get dressed with. Determined and inspired to create the ultimate jeans I Am Denim was born. It was really important to me to create a stylish, high quality denim jean that has a positive psychological effect for people that have undergone any kind of abdominal surgery. It can be life saving and also life changing. Being able to give some one that feeling of freedom when getting dressed is really special. Having spent years developing the jeans so they fit just right and offer complete comfort has been a great achievement. Using a unique second skin waistband technology, I have created the ultimate pair of jeans just for you. Made in Britain to ensure the quality, luxury and comfort you deserve. “

I am Denim has featured on Cat Walks and attends events with a stall providing a closer look into the jeans and you can try them on! Sophie also helps you find the right size and explains in detail how the jeans work. Meeting Sophie at The Purple Wings Day Conference in August of 2018 I loved how positive and helpful she is!

So how do these jeans work?


Inside the jeans there is an elasticated waistband which makes the ostomy bag invisible, providing comfort and a soft touch with breathable high quality denim. There is also a little pouch inside to put your ostomy bag into to keep it secure and in place! After looking at many reviews, I have seen many ostomates say just how soft and comfortable they are! The jeans are also designed to help pregnant women find comfort in wearing jeans whilst feeling secure.


Bag Lady Mama loves them!


bagdaddysteve says he feels good in his jeans! Comfy, cool, slimming, supportive and smart!


crohns.mummy recommended them and loved them after her c-section!


thatsnathan says “Absolutely amazing! Fantastic quality and so helpful for people with an #ostomybag ❤️”

One ostomate says “this is going to be such a game changer!”

Another shares that when you become an ostomate, the choice of clothing (jeans in paticular) is slim. I Am Denim London changed that for them with the comfort of the soft fabric and confidence.

Sophie has created something so fantastic to both men and women who are are ostomates! You can also follow their instagram page @iamdenimlondon I cannot wait to purchase a pair and try them! I find normal jeans from shops very uncomfortable so I tend to wear leggings or jeggings and terribly miss jeans! I will be sharing photos of when I get them!

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