My Favourite Places to Visit in Scotland!


If you live in Scotland, there are some amazing places to visit. There are still some other places I would like to visit too!

Here’s a list of my favourite places to visit!


A sea-side town with an amazing beach and the ice cream shop there makes the most amazing ice cream I have ever tasted! Not to mention the fresh fish at the chipper!




Another seaside town, going at the times where tourists aren’t around is better as it’s more quiet. It is next to the Isle of Mull (where Ballamory the kids show was filmed, in Toblamory.)


A little town where people use the ferry quite a lot, one thing I am still to experience! Again amazing fresh fish. There is a restaraunt I adore right next to sea across from the gift shop, just down from the campsite.


A small village with amazing views! If you like photography then Dufftown is like a dream for scenery. It also has Dufftown Fairy Village where in the forest, someone has made a little village with miniature houses and they are so stunning. It is also where the Glenfiddich Distillery is located, that makes Glenfiddich whisky.


A little town with more stunning scenery but the town itself looks like it’s from a movie! If you go around October time, you can attend The Enchanted Forest. We went in 2018 and I want to go every year for as long as it is running! It was absolutely magical and it’s fun for all the family!

And lastly, Gardenstown.

A very small little seaside village that is really quiet but stunning. There is a really, really old graveyard with skulls and crosses on the gravestones!

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