Stoma Product Review: Trio Siltac Ostomy Seal


Trio Siltac Silicone – Ostomy Seal

Making the change to try different ostomy seals, I was apprehensive. I kept having leaks and my skin was burning daily!

I ordered some samples from the Trio Healthcare Ltd website and these beautifully packaged seals arrived by post in just a few days. When it came to bag change day, I took them out the packaging and wasn’t sure how to apply at first. I then realised they expand so easily and once placed around the stoma, the seal doesn’t lose shape. So the silicone is definitely easier to apply than most I have tried.

I also found that they are nice and slim which ensures the ostomy bag to stick well and flush to the skin. The size of my stoma is around the 20mm mark so I used the 20mm – 28mm and they are on my prescription list now! I also use the adhesive remover and skin barrier sprays with these ostomy seals which you can find here.

On a personal preference, I like to air out my skin after cleaning before applying anything onto the skin and drying the stoma first before putting the ostomy seal onto the skin to ensure it sticks well. If I have a bad leak, I use calamine lotion but on all good and bad days I stick to these go-to products!


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