Stoma Product Review: Trio Pearls

Having high output can be difficult to deal with. During the day you are emptying more than normal or if this is normal for you then it’s the case of emptying all day, every day. At night you are up and down from the toilet. You get leaks because of the nights and days running back and forth and have sore skin from the leakage.

Some days I get high output too (although my usual is constipation) with my Ileostomy and it can be a nightmare when Immodium doesn’t work like you want or need it to. I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Instagram and seen that Trio Healthcare Ltd (instagram name trioostomycare) do absorbing agents called pearls. I read that when inside your bag, they absorb the liquid inside! Instantly I knew I needed some as that day was a high output day.

I recieved them in the post really quickly! I had been waiting for another high output day to try these and a few days ago I had a day of high output of water and was able to finally try them out!

I opened the packet and yep you guessed it – I spilt some all over the place! I am quite clumsy! (I then read on the website you put the sachet in your bag and the packet dissolves whilst the product absorbs!) Anyway, I opened the bottom of my bag and gave it a good clean then put half of the packet of pearls inside. When I next needed to empty my bag, I noticed that my ouput was thicker and pretty much normal!

I then left my bag to fill up again after just to make sure it was the pearls and not my output changing. It stayed like water! I wish I had put a full packet in as I think the outcome would have been much better. If liquid output or should i say – water ouput is something you have problems with then definitely give these pearls a try!

To order your sample click here.

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