Latest Deals – Where To Look



Finding the right deals on gaming equipment can be difficult, mainly because there are so many websites and places to go to and before you know it you aren’t sure where the right deal is. There are a variety of websites you can go to to look for the latest deals and bundles and I recently came across They do a variety of deals and bundles on gaming equipment without having to search for hours on end because they show you where all the best deals are! They show a variety of websites so you can compare those prices right there and then.

Many websites can be really expensive and very confusing to use! Anyway, I saw that they have a section for the PS4 Pro and bundles that could be handy for those looking to get one or fancy a change from PC or the Xbox One console. The Ps4 Pro is the newest and latest addition to the Playstation family of consoles and is spoken of as better than the newest Xbox One X and described by Sony as ” the most powerful playstation ever made.”

It has a 4k gaming experience as well as super fast frame rates. The picture is even crisper with a 4k viewing device such as 4k flat screen TV. It has twice the GPU power that the original ps4 has, which means games run smoother and takes less time to load games and content. The colours are more real life colours than ever before! The new games made for the PS4 Pro have more graphics than any other gaming platform console making your gameplay extremely life like.  If you have a HDR TV the colours are super intensified and vibrant making everything super real.

In terms of streaming, you can stream from the PS4 Pro on your local gaming platforms such as Twitch or Youtube without that lag you normally get when streaming or when your game rates drop and believe me – there is NOTHING worse than your frames per second dropping during your stream time! You can stream your favourite movies in 4k definition, which is a super clear and crisp picture on apps such Netflix or Now TV and any other streaming apps. Even if you haven’t the best quality of TV – the PS4 Pro can still make your gaming and visual experience, an incredible experience! It has a 1080p share play, 1080p remote play and enhanced WiFi meaning that viewing has never been better for your viewers or friends with super fast internet connectivity speeds.

But if you aren’t into all that technical stuff, you just want a great gaming experience and something to unwind without having to leave your home. If like me, you spend most of your time in bed but love to game, you want something that gives you that motivation to find that love and passion for gaming again, to maybe start streaming again. Maybe you are bored of the console you have and want something newer and more exciting? But then you have the issue of finding where it is cheapest or can you get it with a bundle of games and equipment for a decent price. To view the latest deals and bundles offers please click here.


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