Stoma Products Review: Pelican Vitamin E Bags

Today I am sampling the Pelican Platinum vitamin E ostomy convex bag, after seeing these on social media and knowing @crohnsfighting and how well the bags have been for her, I wanted to sample these bags to see if they would also be good for me!

They arrived this morning (13th March) and I received a lovely letter informing me about the product, that they are available on prescription and should I have any issues or questions to contact them with the contact details!

My first thoughts were great! The bottoms of the bags were already closed up so there was no issues with all the bags sticking together inside the packaging. The only thing I was a bit unsure about was that there is no measuring guide on the actual flange itself, to know how big you are cutting. As I don’t have a stoma template I have had to guess how to cut it. However this is perfect for a newbie ostomate, if your stoma is still changing size.

The ostomy bag is a lovely nude/skin colour and works really well with the skin and it is much less visible than most other ostomy bags out there when on the stomach. It is also very light and the shape is great! For me it’s also another benefit that the shape isn’t too different to my current bags because I can still wear my stoma bag covers.

The aim of the vitamin E range ostomy bags are designed to do:

  • Moisturize – To help nourish the delicate skin around the stoma and prevent dryness. It also hydrates the skin and helps to prevent water loss.
  • Faster Healing – To help improve the skin condition by repairing skin that has been damaged through skin stripping.
  • Kinder To Skin – To help reduce skin damage and skin redness with antioxidant properties.
  • Anti-Inflammatory – To help minimise skin irritation caused by pouch application and removal.


So what is the product like when on?

Putting the bag on was extremely easy and the wafer flange stuck instantly without any peeling at all. As you can see in the pictures above and below, the colour really blends in well! I also love how small the velcro and sides at the bottom are. I have had the bag on for over an hour and still there is no peeling at all and my stoma feels safe and secure. I will be using this bag again!

The convex is also perfect for me because there is no pressure or pain when wearing this ostomy bag. It also ensures that I don’t have a leak. I really love how even without a bag cover on, I cannot feel the bag at all unless Lola decides to trump! I highly recommend this product for new ostomates!

To  order a sample from the Pelican Healthcare range, please click here.

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