Stoma Products Review: Salts Adhesive Remover Spray and Wipes


When I first had surgery for my Ileostomy in 2015, one of the first products I had at home was the Salts Adhesive Remover Spray. Over the years I have tried many different ones and then at The Purple Wings Charity Photoshoot in March this year, I ran out and my friend Annie gave me a spare bottle that she had which was the Salts one.

 I went onto the Salts website and ordered another sample so I could use it more than once and review it so other ostomates can read about the different products that are available. After calling Salts they also asked if I would like sample of the Adhesive Remover Wipes which also smell of peppermint and of course I said yes!

So now I will talk about using the products. Salts recommend using the Adhesive Remover Spray to peel the edges of the flange and then to use the Adhesive Remover Wipes to remove the pouch itself. The first thing I noticed about the product was the lovely smell of peppermint! Usually when changing my stoma bag there is always a slight smell which is totally normal but with this spray, there was no smell present at all. After using my other stoma products, I put them all into my stoma wash bag and tied up the disposable bag and put it in the bin, usually after changing my bag a smell lingers for a while. However when I went into the bathroom afterwards, the only smell was of peppermint!

Throughout the day, my skin felt so refreshed from the peppermint and it was really pleasant. I even have gotten my partner who also has an Ileostomy to try it and he absolutely loves it! I asked him what he thought about it and this is what he said:

“It is really refreshing and made my skin around my stoma feel really fresh. It made taking off my pouch really easy and quick, whilst being pain free with no irritation to my skin.”

The wipes took off any left over adhesive from the skin completely pain free and quickly too. I would highly recommend these products and if you would like to order a sample or take a look at their products, then please click here. You can also follow them via Instagram @saltshealthcare and twitter @SaltsHealthcare.

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