Stoma Products Review: Confidence Be Soft Convex Stoma Bag

Today is Wednesday the 3rd of July and I have finally received the Confidence Be Soft Convex black drainable bags in the post! As today is bag change day, I am going to be trying the bag sample out!

First impressions of the bags are great! Very soft, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing! Putting the bag on was very easy and being completely honest, it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a bag! It doesn’t crinkle on the skin or rustle like most bags do when there is movement. The flange sticks very well and it feels soft and light with no indications of leakage from the product itself.

However, after emptying the bag I found that when I went back to empty each time, there was leakage of the contents of the bag at the opening at the bottom. No matter how much I tried to clean and put tissue inside the bottom, the same thing kept happening. I also found that it was messy and it made emptying the bag quite difficult due to mess and getting well basically, poop on my hand. The type of fabric that is used also makes it difficult to slide your hand down when in the process of emptying.

I think this range of bags are more for late ostomates rather than new because of the leakage issue when emptying. If you are a new ostomate with this bag on in hospital and on pain relief, tired and learning about having a stoma, the mess is going to make accepting of the stoma a bit more difficult and also very messy. For us more older ostomates (those who have had their stoma longer than 6 months) it isn’t so bad as we know what to expect and how to deal with the mess as such.

That being said, if you don’t mind a little bit of mess which is easily cleaned up and want a bag that will give you that confidence boost with the colour range, making the bag blend in with your clothing, then this is absolutely the bag for you!


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  1. That made me laugh, for us older ostomates who’ve had it for 6 months. I’ve had mine 20 years and 7 months. I’m not sure what that makes me. But yes emptying is really not great. Light and comfortable, had small side leak after cycling for an hour but first full order has already arrived so I can test them for longer and see how they go.

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  2. I totally agree with your comments. I’ve tried all 3 of my samples now and the mess when emptying isn’t really improving. The black was particularly difficult as hard to see the output. Although filter isn’t leaking, as it does for me with their other bags, it also isn’t working! Don’t think I’ll be switching as I’m guessing they are more expensive for the NHS to fund and not enough extra benefit to warrant it.

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  3. Reblogged this on Chen Song Ping and commented:
    I admire Glitteryguts’s positivity in becoming an ‘older ostomate’ as she called herself! In my country, some ostomates can’t afford good quality bags. So managing a stoma can be very challenging to prevent leakage, odor and skin excoriation around the stoma! Please read and support her post!


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