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I’m Coming Out.


This last week has been absolutely awful. My mental health took a huge blow and I have hid away in bed for almost an entire week straight with the exception of sitting in the living room for a little while yesterday evening.

So last week I went through something I hope nobody has to go through. Someone who I was once with and then had a friendship with decided to do a public live stream and announce my sexuality near the end, without my permission. As only that person, a few close friends and my partner knew about it, I was in so much shock. I didn’t cry but mentally I broke down – I was ashamed of who I was, embarrassed that such personal information was shared about me without me having a chance to tell anyone myself, when I was ready. I’ll admit, I don’t think I would have ever of been ready to share my sexuality with the world but when that choice is taken away from you and it is made public with people in similar communities as myself watching, there isn’t much else you can do but address it and try to move forward.

I. Am. Bisexual. I said it, so I must feel great about this weight off my shoulders, right? In a way yes I am glad to have released that burden and that weight from my shoulders. In another way no it doesn’t because it didn’t come from me first. Am I angry that this happened? I mean I was and who wouldn’t be! It gave me the push I needed to be true to myself and everyone around me but being 100% honest, I would have liked to of waited a little longer.

That being said, I have had amazing support from my close friends, my partner and my Mum. I want to thank you all straight from my heart because you honestly have NO idea just how much your support has helped me.


This week is going to be a good one with some exciting news to share too, so keep an eye on my social medias!  To watch my video, please click here.

So much love to everyone who has shown me kindness and support and if you are struggling with something similar please don’t hesitate to contact me on my social medias:

twitter- @glitterygutsx

6 thoughts on “I’m Coming Out.”

  1. People can be so incredibly insensitive, about the most personal of things. I’m so sorry that this person violated your privacy like that and put your personal information on blast. Nothing will ever excuse how that went down, but I hope you’ll still find strength through this.


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