Can’t Wait Card from Bladder and Bowel

Fellow stoma buddies! I have my Just Can’t Wait card, do you?.

Many stores are now accepting Just Can’t Wait cards, which is a huge improvement to a few years ago! I have been one of those affected by not being allowed to use toilets in stores before AND after having my stoma. Many have suffered much worse where they have been refused with a very full ostomy bag, resulting in a bag leak and soiled clothing. Bladder and Bowel have made a Just Can’t Wait card for ostomates to show that you need the toilet, in a much more discreet and private way. Perfect if you don’t want to cause a fuss or let anyone else around you know about your stoma.

This week is stoma week, which they have dedicated this week to talk all things stoma!

“We’re always looking for ways in which we can support the community, and this week we have a few little surprises for you! You’ll have to join us on social media to find out exactly what we’re planning. 

They will be sharing patients stories, asking for ostomates opinions, running new exciting events and starting conversations and giving support for anyone who lives with a stoma. Below you will find links to their social medias to find out more!

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