Rescue Balm by Samantha Faiers

Knightly Adventures by Samantha Faiers Rescue Balm!

I saw this in Tesco and decided to give it a go for wee Odin. At just £3 I thought if it wasn’t good, it wasn’t super expensive, so no Biggie!

It has oats and chamomile  in it and works the same as a lip Balm where you turn it at the bottom, so more is pushed up. Odin gets very dry cheeks, probably from the cold weather.. as he was born in October, after all! I didn’t think it would have much of a scent, if any. It actually smells really nice and sort of sweet! It has done wonders for Odin’s dry cheeks, which are super soft now!

I definitely would recommend this product, and you don’t need to use a lot of it either. At just £3, you really can’t go wrong. It says you can use it for any dry areas on your baby and I will definitely be carrying this in our nappy changing bag for when we are out and about!

(Not an AD.)


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