Quick, Affordable Ostomy Fashion

9 months post partum/c-section!

Its not uncommon for your body to change after surgery for a stoma and, sometimes, it can go back to normal, other times, not so much. The financial impact surgery can have on an ostomate, can literally come out of nowhere. So, how can we adapt to our new bodies? For me, it started with fashion. Even now after having my son last October, my body has changed again and I’ve had to revamp my closet, again!

Revamping your closet is expensive, if you’re going for brand new, straight from online or, in store. I’ve always tried to shop via Ebay and recently, on an App called Vinted. Let me tell you, I’ve grabbed som absolute steals! I also get some things for my son on there too. Charity shops are also a fantastic way to shop at a low cost and sometimes, wherever you go for second hand things, items are still brand new with tags!!

My £2 blazer from Vinted!

A perfect example of an absolute steal! This gorgeous, neon green blazer that I got for just £2. I did a full OOTD on my TikTok with it paired with a t-shirt, leggings and Adidas trainers, casual but still nice. A lot of ostomates ask me “how do you get your confidence back?” For me, fashion is my way of my identity and, my confidence. Sometimes, I like to put makeup, other times it’s skin care/self care and, sometimes, simply styling my hair. A good pair of undies doesn’t go a miss either!! I’ve bought some gorgeous sets off vinted (brand new!) For a fraction of the price they would have been brand new. I also love Lemonade Dolls, who are really good priced and, they are on TikTok shop. They also do lives on a Thursday, where their prices are even cheaper!

I hope this helps ostomates out there, which ever gender you identify as! Fashion has no gender, and if you feel good and confident, who cares?! Being fashionable is under this illusion in our culture that everything must be designer and, it really shouldn’t. If you can afford to, then of course, go for it! Just enjoy being you, living your life as best to your ability my lovelies.

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