Welcoming 2023!

Wow! It’s SO close to 2023 already! I honestly can’t believe how fast time has gone through 2022. What do I have planned for 2023? Let’s talk!

2022 has probably been the best year I’ve ever had when it comes to making memories! Spending time with friends and family, filming with the BBC, filming with STV news, being on podcasts, collaborating with amazing people, writing blogs, working with Convatec, travelling, road trips, visiting the Macduff aquarium, taking odin swimming, taking odin to lunches and brunches, odin learning to crawl then walk, odins first birthday, getting our new car, having friends travel hundreds of miles to come and see us and playing card games and laughing so hard that we cried! Taking Odin to his Halloween party, toddler group, going on walks, watching Odin grow and learn new things, Odin getting his first pair of shoes, and it’s honestly just been amazing Being a mum has been hard, and I know it will be at times, but I bloody love it, and I love my son so much. For how poorly I’ve been this year, I have made a lot of good memories, and I’m so thankful to each and every person who made 2022 a good one.

For next year, I actually don’t have any big or exciting things planned. I really want 2023 to be a focus on my family, friends, happiness, trying to stay on top of my health, and mostly trying to keep negativity and people of the past in the past. Online accounts (social media) have become increasingly toxic since the pandemic and, at times, has really affected my mental health. I want 2023 to be a fresh year and the year that I don’t let people or their opinions get to me that are nasty or toxic. I’m walking into 2023 letting shit go, I can not change how people behave towards or about me, but I CAN change how I let it affect me.

Time can not be bought, and neither can memories. We can only capture what we have there and then. A moment is just that, a moment, in our minds or captured in a video or photograph. To be honest, most of this year, I haven’t blogged much or made as much content as I would normally as I’ve already been focusing on my family and watching my son grow, laugh, make memories or learn new things. I can’t predict how my health is going to be and some days I find are harder than others and so I want to soak up all that I can so on those bad days, I have so much memories to keep me going!

You don’t have to make New years resolutions just because it’s a new year. You can set goals or plans when you feel is best for you and in your own time. I have no New years resolutions per se, but just to be happy, let the shit that’s been bothering me in 2022 go and enjoy being a mum. Don’t take anything for granted as you never know when it could be taken away, and I think the past year has taught us all that. Enjoy what you do have, and don’t sweat on what you don’t have. Some of us have way more than one wishes for!

Just do you. ❤


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