Struggling With Chest Issues?

This time of year can be really awful for those who already have chronic health issues. However, due to everyone shielding, even the healthy are suffering with viral and/or chest infections.

One thing I’ve found really helpful over the years with sinus infections, my recent chest infection and viral infection, pleurisy, the flu, and colds in this steam cup at just £5.99 from amazon! You can also get them on Ebay for around the same price, too.

Add in boiling water from the kettle, upto the line and you can add in peppermint oil, camphor, eucalyptus, to name the most common ones or, add none at all. The mask part helps to keep the steam directly going into your airways so no steam escapes. It’s a super affordable at home and transportable cup that washes really easily. I found one here, but as I say, you can buy from lots of sellers on amazon and ebay!


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