The Makings Of A Murderer With David Swindle

On Friday the 10th of March, I attended The Makings of a Murderer hosted by Scottish detective David Swindle. My friend of 13 years got my ticket as a present, so a quick thankyou!!

If you don’t know me personally, you may not know that crime is a huge passion of mine, and criminology is something I am really keen to study in the future. The one thing that really stood out to me from this event was that David didn’t glamororise murder or the terrible things that serial killers in the UK had done. It was really informative, and he also corrected a lot of facts that the media had misconstrued. I was so inspired that David has investigated and created an anagram that helped identify the victims of Tobin and could have helped regarding the Ian Brady, Mira Hindley, Peter Sutcliffe, and the Fred / Rose West cases!

He has been doing this show in various areas all around the UK and also has a podcast that talks to victims of families and helping them share their story of loved ones lost. Unfortunately, there are so many murders that these serial killers had done but were never confessed to, and bodies never found. In most cases, the lack of evidence was the issue, and so, many families don’t know what happened and can’t have that closure.

I definitely recommend attending this event by David if this is an interest to you! You can find updates about this on David’s Twitter here. It was a fantastic evening, and I feel very blessed to have met David!

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