Hay-fever Season- Best For Budget Antihistamines

Hay-fever season is a nightmare when it hits! Your child has a constant runny nose, red and puffy eyes, sneezing, and sometimes, a cough.

Let’s be honest, it can be expensive! The most expensive being £6 something a bottle. If you do a little searching, you can find brands cheaper that do the exact same thing! ASDA’s own brand is just £2.75 and is peach flavoured whereas the pricy brand is a minty type of liquiroice taste and my son hates it. This might not be a lot of money you’re saving to many, but for others, every pound counts. Before giving your child antihistamines from a baby or under 1/2, please always consult your doctor and/or health visitor first!

Always follow the dosage guidelines your doctor has given you or on the back of the box.

I also go for shops own branded paracetamol when I can. However, my son doesn’t like the taste of those, so we try to buy Calpol when we can, which is really expensive. Usually, we get paracetamol on the small ailments that all pharmacies do in Scotland. We try not to use that too much as we don’t like the NHS spending more than needed. It’s just personal preference!

Hopefully, this helps parents in the UK save some pennies this hay-fever season 🥰


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