A Bear Named Buttony

Buttony is a special bear for children having surgery to create a stoma and each bear is lovingly personalised to help its young owner cope with medical treatment and coping after bowel surgery. Buttony has had similar surgery and they hope he will offer comfort and friendship. Their aim is to provide bears to children primarily, they do also help adults if costs are covered! They have been featured in the daily mail which you can read by clicking Buttony Bear on the Daily Mail!

The project was inspired by Jenny’s daughter Eilidh who has had a stoma since three years of age and has had many operations whilst growing up. Each bear comes with a birth certificate and they receive a handmade card on Buttony’s birthday, which is the same day as Eilidh’s. So far, 1,900 teddies have made their way to loving homes across the UK, complete with personalised stomas to exactly match their owner and even a gastrostomy hole if they are tube fed. A Bear Named Buttony is also part of The Breakaway Foundation which is a charity for children with bowel and bladder diversions which is fantastic!

I received my Buttony Bear in 2015 after having my entire large bowel removed and a stoma formed which is also known as an ileostomy (small bowel stoma.) It was absolutely amazing for me at a time I really needed comfort. I was not long home after surgery when i received him and felt very alone and didnt know much about stomas. When family and friends asked about my stoma, I showed them buttony bear and explained it through him.

Bear Sponsorship is £30, to donate click here then contact them through the page- A Bear Named Buttony to receive one of our badges as a thank you!


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