Baggy Apparel

“Baggy Apparel was born when it’s creator Alice had to undergo emergency surgery as a result of complications from Crohn’s disease. Baggy Apparel wanted to create positive and fun pieces of casual wear which gently (nerve endings or not!) poke fun at our slightly gross but amazing little friends. ” These lovely quality products are hand printed in Manchester.

An interesting story about Baggy Apparel; The Purple Wings Charity provided Alice, founder of Baggy Apparel a Purple Wings Grant ! Purple Wings paid for Alice to have a years membership at her local arts studio. Then Baggy Apparel bloomed!

Jasmine Stacey shows off her Baggy Apparel t-shirt on Instagram too!

and here I am wearing mine!

To purchase a t-shirt or hoodie with different designs please click here, you can follow them on instagram @baggyapparel and when sharing your photo your clothing, use the hashtag #hangoutwithyourbagout!

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