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Links to my blog contributions, interviews, and TV; 

SCOPE Equality for Disabled People

Respond Healthcare 

Stoma Tips Magazine – Loving Lola

Stoma Tips Magazine – Giving Birth With A Stoma 

Stoma Tips Magazine – What To Expect From Pregnancy With A Stoma 

Healthcare Delivery Reviews 

BBC Brainwaves – Poo, Jobbies, Stinks and why they matter! 

BBC iPlayer – Style Fixers. Series 2 Episode 1 Muskaan and Alannah-Jayne

Advocate For Crohns Podcast – Pregnancy, Fertility and Crohns Disease Journey 

Crohns And Autism Awareness Advocate Podcast – The Threshold of Crohns Disease Communities Unite With Alannah and Jennie

Trio Healthcare –  Mental Health 

Trio Healthcare – Life During A Global Pandemic 

Trio Healthcare – The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy 

Trio Healthcare – Giving Birth and Being A New Mum

Ostique Ltd – Meet Alannah

Ostique Ltd – Body Positivity With A Stoma 

Ostique Ltd – Things Ostomates Are Tired Of Hearing 

Ostique Ltd – Summer Travels With Alannah

Ostique Ltd – Motherhood And A Stoma 

Ostique Ltd – Dating With A Stoma 

Ostique Ltd – Finding The Right Bag

Million Voices – My Life As An Ostomy Mom 

Medical Dazzlers World Instagram – Shout Out Saturday 



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