Stoma Products Review: Salts Adhesive Remover Spray and Wipes

When I first had surgery for my Ileostomy in 2015, one of the first products I had at home was the Salts Adhesive Remover Spray. Over the years I have tried many different ones and then at The Purple Wings Charity Photoshoot in March this year, I ran out and my friend Annie gave me... Continue Reading →

Stoma Products Review: Pelican Vitamin E Bags

Today I am sampling the Pelican Platinum vitamin E ostomy convex bag, after seeing these on social media and knowing @crohnsfighting and how well the bags have been for her, I wanted to sample these bags to see if they would also be good for me! They arrived this morning (13th March) and I received... Continue Reading →

Stoma Product Review: Trio Pearls

Having high output can be difficult to deal with. During the day you are emptying more than normal or if this is normal for you then it's the case of emptying all day, every day. At night you are up and down from the toilet. You get leaks because of the nights and days running... Continue Reading →

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