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Ostomy Fashion – Best Buys


Many ostomates dress differently due to two things; fear of the bag showing and losing confidence. I asked some ostomates their favourite pieces of clothing to wear when dressing with a stoma, at an affordable price, as let’s face it – we aren’t made of money! (Picture above, I got my dress from SHEIN for £15!)

I admit, when I first became an ostomate back in 2015, it was summer and I had no clue what to wear (I was just 20 years young at that time.) I was fearful of my bag showing, my scars being visible and I lacked all that confidence I once had before I got severely  unwell. I am here to tell you that you CAN wear whatever you want or feel like wearing – whether you want your bag to be concealed or on show! There are two of my favourite ostomy wear companies that you can get briefs that hold your bag in place such as Vanilla Blush which focuses on being sexy at the same time, and for hernia support there is Comfizz which are more practical than sexy but work excellent!

If you are a new ostomate reading this, welcome! Here you will find some great buys from fellow ostomates and hope that this helps you. Feel free to get in touch should you need any more advice! It is a lot to take in, but take it day by day and relax, cus’ we got you covered in the clothing department <3.


First up we have the lovely Amy also known as the IBDWarriorPrincess who is also my friend and a blogger for Comfizz! “My Style since getting a stoma has changed, but for the better. Now because I can maintain my weight and actually go out. I look forward to going clothes shopping and dressing in the clothes that I love! I swear by high waisted garments because they don’t restrict my ostomy or stop it from it’s normal functions. My favourite go-to outfit is a tight top and a skater skirt, especially on the days where my stoma is more active!” This Jumpsuit was just £12 from Newlook.


Nicola also known as Beauty and The Bag, is not afraid to have her own sense of style with her ostomy! As a mum of 7 she looks fantastic! “I get pretty much all of my clothes from boohoo and absolutely love the styles I can create! I don’t dress around my stoma or try to hide it.. I wear whatever I feel good in and I like to look a little unique and stand out.”


Lisa who has her own ostomy fashion instagram account lisakateostomate, sharing other ostomy fashion and bargain buys! Lisa has really struggled recently due to being on steroids to try and help her Chronic Illnesses with her weight, but doesn’t she look amazing! ” Always have shopped at primark, quiz and new look. My go to shops for my clothes and they’re all true to size. I’m usually a 12-14.” We think you look lovely whatever size you are Lisa.


Jess is no stranger to an ostomy as this isn’t her first once after a failed J-Pouch! Jess finally got the chance to dress up for new year this year after being in hospital on and off for the past few months. This dress is from I Saw It First retailer at £25. She also has an instagram account that you can follow her – jessgoldstraw.


Sandie loves her comfy trousers which she bought from TK Maxx at just £19.99! “I have made many purchases but I am so glad (more so) on the purchase of these trousers which got me through the first few weeks after surgery.” And I agree definitely a bargain buy!  You can follow Sandie on twitter – sandicookartist.


Sophie who is a mother of one and is the face behind the ostomy clothing brand I Am Denim London models her own jeans here. Now these are on the higher range of ostomy wear so these do cost a little bit more. These jeans I would really recommend for those of you have a higher stoma! This includes men too! These are currently on sale at £75. Perfect for keeping you ostomy concealed if you are self conscious too (they have a waistband inside that is adapted so you can still empty your pouch without having to undress!)


Last of all is my bargain buy! These ex Zara jeans I got on ebay for £6.99! I have a low stoma so these cause me no issues on rubbing on the stoma or when my bag fills up. They are super stretchy and soft. I have no issues having my stoma on show or hidden, however when wearing jumpsuits or dresses, I do wear my Vanilla Blush briefs to keep everything in place!  You can follow my instagram – glitterygutsx 

Let me know what your bargain buys are OR your favourite outfit with a stoma! Feel free to tag me on social media so I can share with the rest of my followers!

Thank You to the girls who participated in this blog piece, in hope to help new and old ostomates!

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New Blog Content!

Hi all! As you know, I love to recommend products, services and companies here on my blog.

After thinking about a few ideas over the last few months, I am ready to add new content to my blog! There is always room for more, but what might that be? Well, there are two things I am actively ready to add :

  1. A newsletter
  2. Advertisements

Sponsors and advertisements will be featured in blog posts, social media platforms and via my YouTube channel. This will include myself demonstrating how your products work and including information about your company, services and products. I will also include your relevant links and an optional review.

It would be absolutely fantastic content to add to you all! The benefits for a sponsor or advertisements are also fantastic. Getting the word out about what you do and the products you offer, discounts and more! Any future sponsors will be able to use any blog posts and videos for their own advertising.

I cannot wait to get this content up and running for you all!

If you are interested, please email

Stoma Wear Brands

My Vanilla Blush Collection!

It’s no secret that I love Vanilla Blush! They are expanding the selection of items of clothing which is includes hoodies, jogging bottoms and bodysuits, so I recently bought a beautiful body suit which includes a pocket for an ostomy bag just like their women briefs, mens boxers and children’s wear. There are also briefs and hernia support wear and many are on NHS prescription.

Vanilla Blush helped me gain confidence back after my surgery back in 2015, after talking to Nicola who also has an ostomy. I also did a coffee morning stall for them here locally in Inverness and loved helping people of all ages and I met so many lovely people.

A little about Vanilla Blush;

“From her hospital bed, and after researching all the medicalised underwear available, Nicola decided she would set up her own company. However, the unique selling point of Vanilla Blush would be that it would deal with Stomas and underwear not as a medical issue but as a fashion issue. Both medically sound but also fashion proud… Launching live on ITV’s ‘This Morning Show’, Valentine’s 2008, Vanilla Blush has grown to become an award winning, globally recognised, business success. Selling female lingerie, male underwear, hernia supportwear, swimwear and sportswear, Vanilla Blush has seen its business grow from great news story to great business story.”

I have the colours of the rainbow..almost! I also have different sizes for when I have lost or put on weight. I put together collages of my collection, I hope you enjoy! Thank you to my partner for taking the photos! The women’s briefs that I have worn since my surgery has been so comforting in helping with my bag when I don’t want to wear a bag cover. If I’m going on a night out for food or to see family/friends and decide to wear a body con dress, the briefs are fantastic to hide your ostomy bag! The pocket is adaptive for room so if your bag balloons or fills, it isn’t so noticeable as it would be without the briefs. They are extremely soft and machine washable too. And that isn’t the only bonus..the next bonus? They make women of any age feel sexy with a stoma!

Here is my collection!;

I asked other ostomates what they loved most about Vanilla Blush underwear that they wear and this is what they said;


crohnsfighting: “Personally for me I prefer the NHS cotton knickers they do. They are brilliant for the gym and the inside pouch is bigger. For the normal knickers they make, they are good under ball gowns but my main bug bear is the fat roll you get between the knicker back and bra drives me mad . They are also good for wearing with low waisted jeans.”


ZoeyWrightFitness: “The Underwear makes me feel sexy and sassy whilst the VB hernia support wear makes me feel confident and supported whilst working out.. I wouldn’t wear anything else!”


Rocking2stomas: “I love that they support both stomas but especially my prolapse and they don’t feel too tight!”

colitiscop: “My new support belt made me feel secure, protected and supported throughout. No rolling up or down even with someone in full mount on me! I have a spare one so I have one for the gym,work and everyday use!”


jessica_k_miles: ” These gorgeous intimacy knickers are perfect for those intimate moments when you want security and also want to feel beautiful!”


bagdaddysteve: “The shorts are brilliant, they cover your appliance without making you look like Simon Cowel. I always wear the vests and boxers with a band when I’m training!”

ibdwarriorprincess: “If you want to have a confidence boost and feel sexy but classy at the same time, after ostomy surgery, vanilla blush are amazing. They are so pretty and snug, high quality and pretty!”

It it recommended that you go a size up from what you normally wear too! They also do bundles and offers on their instagram, be sure to check it out so you don’t miss out!

happy shopping!

-alannah x

Stoma Wear Brands

I Am Denim London


I am Denim London is the first clothing brand in the world to design ostomy jeans! Founded by Sophie, a survivor of Crohn’s Disease.

Sophie’s journey began when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 7 (a lifelong chronic illness that is aggressive which affects the entire digestive system, causing ulceration, inflammation and a huge amount of terrible side effects), and after having life saving surgery for an ileostomy due to all medications failing, Sophie decided to put her pain and experience into creating her own brand of jeans specifically for ostomates.

“For anyone thats ever struggled with what to wear after major abdominal surgery, those that want gentle support or simply to cover scars or stretch marks, these jeans are for you. After my surgery I couldn’t find jeans that felt comfortable. So finding a pair that looked good was out of the question! It affected my confidence and I craved the ease and comfort I used to get dressed with. Determined and inspired to create the ultimate jeans I Am Denim was born. It was really important to me to create a stylish, high quality denim jean that has a positive psychological effect for people that have undergone any kind of abdominal surgery. It can be life saving and also life changing. Being able to give some one that feeling of freedom when getting dressed is really special. Having spent years developing the jeans so they fit just right and offer complete comfort has been a great achievement. Using a unique second skin waistband technology, I have created the ultimate pair of jeans just for you. Made in Britain to ensure the quality, luxury and comfort you deserve. “

I am Denim has featured on Cat Walks and attends events with a stall providing a closer look into the jeans and you can try them on! Sophie also helps you find the right size and explains in detail how the jeans work. Meeting Sophie at The Purple Wings Day Conference in August of 2018 I loved how positive and helpful she is!

So how do these jeans work?


Inside the jeans there is an elasticated waistband which makes the ostomy bag invisible, providing comfort and a soft touch with breathable high quality denim. There is also a little pouch inside to put your ostomy bag into to keep it secure and in place! After looking at many reviews, I have seen many ostomates say just how soft and comfortable they are! The jeans are also designed to help pregnant women find comfort in wearing jeans whilst feeling secure.


Bag Lady Mama loves them!


bagdaddysteve says he feels good in his jeans! Comfy, cool, slimming, supportive and smart!


crohns.mummy recommended them and loved them after her c-section!


thatsnathan says “Absolutely amazing! Fantastic quality and so helpful for people with an #ostomybag ❤️”

One ostomate says “this is going to be such a game changer!”

Another shares that when you become an ostomate, the choice of clothing (jeans in paticular) is slim. I Am Denim London changed that for them with the comfort of the soft fabric and confidence.

Sophie has created something so fantastic to both men and women who are are ostomates! You can also follow their instagram page @iamdenimlondon I cannot wait to purchase a pair and try them! I find normal jeans from shops very uncomfortable so I tend to wear leggings or jeggings and terribly miss jeans! I will be sharing photos of when I get them!

Stoma Wear Brands

The Essentials Every IBD Sufferer Needs!

BeFunky-collage (2)

For day 4 of the Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week, I thought about what it was like when newly diagnosed, back in 2012. I thought about what things I never knew I’d have needed and had I known what would help, I wouldn’t have struggled as much as I did!

I asked multiple IBD Sufferers what their top essentials were and this is what the feedback I got; Spare pants and clothes is a MUST, especially when travelling. You may also need baby wipes to clean and freshen up. Medications such as Imodium and Dioralyte which helps to stop Diarrhoea and rehydrate you. Pain relief that you have prescribed to you however if you don’t have any it’s definitely worth talking to your doctor about getting some or a referral to a Pain Clinic. A hot water bottle is also really good but don’t leave it on for too long as you can burn your skin even over clothes! It is really handy if you have a netflix account on your phone, iPad or tablet so that time spent on the toilet is a little less isolating and sometimes can be seriously boring sitting there unable to move! Having a refillable water bottle is ideal especially to keep on top of your fluid intake. Now, it’s a true story that so many of us have more pyjamas than actual clothes! So, having plenty pyjamas is great and also loose leggings and jogging bottoms! If you suffer from constipation with your IBD then it’s important to have laxatives prescribed to you! Sanitary pads are a must for either diarrhoea or constipation in case an accident happens. If you suffer from sore or swollen joints there is a really good gel out there called Voltarol, but you can also use ice packs and hot water bottles for that – you will find which works best for youA thermometer can be handy, meaning that if you have any infection and receiving antibiotics it’s good to keep an eye on your temperature. 

BeFunky-collage (1)


Many of us love a teddy to snuggle into at night or during hospital visits and can bring you comfort no matter what age you are! For me, I find so much comfort having my dogs. Having a little furry friend can really help those dark days seem brighter. When I’m sick they are always there nursing me and protecting me! Having family and friends around is essential as part of your journey in any illness. Online support groups and friends can make such a huge difference too, having the contact and help when needed. Any questions you can’t ask anyone face to face; the online support groups have people in there just like you who have unanswered questionsFor those who have a stoma with IBD a skin barrier spray is absolutely an essential! I also really recommend Calamine Lotion for burnt skin. And the same applies from above, incase a leak happens.  In terms of diet it’s important to look into what you can and cannot eat. If you are struggling with your weight, getting supplement drinks can really benefit you! (Keeping them in the fridge is great to help with drinking them.) Many people also suggested Vaseline, Bepanthen, Sudocream and Germaloids cream for the dreaded rectal pain that comes along after toilet trips! I found that whilst in hospital, an ice pack was great relief when my rectum was really sore, of course do not apply this directly to the skin! Use a towel or paper towel before applying to the area, preventing any damage to the skin and infection. 


Whilst in a hospital admission it’s also important to know which essentials you will need whilst in hospital. Before you go in it’s always important to pack a bag with things you need!

Here is a list of items that you may want to pack: 

  1.  Any medication that is prescribed to you.
  2. Clean pyjamas and a spare pair just incase! 
  3. Plenty of unwear.
  4. Fluids such as water or your favourite juice and some snacks for if and when you are able to eat! 
  5. Slippers – if you are walking around you don’t want to get dirty feet and it’s prevention of infection on the wards.
  6.  Phone charger! 
  7.  A book, iPad or tablet to keep you entertained.
  8. Earphones.
  9. Toiletries such as deodorant, body wash, dry shampoo and a hair brush.
  10. Baby wipes and/or face wipes and also antibacterial wipes.
  11. Hand cream and lip balm for dryness.
  12. Hair bobbles or elastic hair bands
  13. Spare stoma supplies (if you have a stoma.)
  14. Skin care routine things that you would normally use at home.
  15. Pen and paper incase you forget things such as questions to ask or writing down what Doctors or Consultants say incase you have to pass it on to family members. 
  16. If you drink decaffeinated coffee or tea, take in your own or ask a family member or friend to bring it in for you. 
  17. Dirty laundry bag for your dirty clothing to be taken home and washed, preventing infection too. 
  18. Last but not least the most important one…. a snuggly blankie! 


I hope this will help you during your journey with IBD and also in hospital admissions!