Ostomy Ballooning

Ballooning can be an issue you may face when you are an ostomate, with either an Ileostomy or Colostomy. As a urostomy is a bladder stoma, you will find you won't experience this, unless you have other things going on. After surgery, within the first few days, up to a week, or even months, ballooning... Continue Reading →

Ostomy Fashion – Best Buys

Many ostomates dress differently due to two things; fear of the bag showing and losing confidence. I asked some ostomates their favourite pieces of clothing to wear when dressing with a stoma, at an affordable price, as let's face it - we aren't made of money! (Picture above, I got my dress from SHEIN for... Continue Reading →

My Vanilla Blush Collection!

It's no secret that I love Vanilla Blush! They are expanding the selection of items of clothing which is includes hoodies, jogging bottoms and bodysuits, so I recently bought a beautiful body suit which includes a pocket for an ostomy bag just like their women briefs, mens boxers and children's wear. There are also briefs... Continue Reading →

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