Here you will find useful online resources to help with your mental and chronic health.

Easymed at Superdrug

Superdrug is the UK’s first major high street retailer to offer this free service which can be used when you order your NHS repeat prescriptions online with Superdrug. It’s such a fantastic service which I’m sure will benefit so many people!

Each month, your medication is sorted for each day of the week, so you know exactly what to take without forgetting or having to organise it yourself. Their packing is eco-friendly and they have various online services for men and women’s health!

Anna Knight Coaching

“I help women and non-binary people take the steps they need to reclaim their personal power, to make big, long lasting transformations, and to fall in love with themselves. If you’re tired, hurting, and you’ve had enough, then coaching could be your route to freedom.”

Anna Knight Coaching also has a facebook group which you can join and ask/get advice.

Can’t Wait Card

The Just Can’t Wait card has been designed so you can discreetly indicate that you urgently need to use the toilet whilst out and about. I know many of us are in Lockdown presently but you may find this useful whilst out at the supermarket or other key stores. Over 100,000 people have benefitted from the Just Can’t Wait card so far. Which is really handy when you have a stoma!

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