Here you will see my favourite finds in fashion when dressing with an Ostomy!

It is recommended to wear one size up from your normal size with Vanilla Blush Briefs! Inside contains a hidden layer specifically to hold your ostomy bag in place, keeping it safe and concealed whilst giving you ultimate comfort EVEN when your bag has ballooned!

Here I wear the 34D and size 10 briefs. I got these measured in their store for exact sizing! This is a free service they offer in their stores.

This is the girls section of Newlook, here I am wearing age 14-15 Bikini. It is super comfortable and you can wear your ostomy bag tucked in or left out.

This beautiful and soft wool jumper is perfect for keeping warm during the cold seasons of the year. You can style this with leggings or a pair of jeans, keeping your ostomy bag concealed whilst comfortable.

This pyjama set was from the petite section that ASOS has to offer, here I am wearing a size 6. This pair is my absolute favourite! They are so soft and comfy whether I wear my ostomy bag tucked in or left out. When tucked in they keep my bag beautifully in place and don’t put any pressure on the bag itself.

This is the comfiest skirt that I own and it is DENIM! Wearing denim skits with an ostomy can be quite an uncomfortable experience however this skirt from SHEIN UK is just the opposite! They key with any denim skirt is to go for a high waisted style, this way you avoid any tightness around the ostomy bag.

This GORGEOUS set from Ann Summers is simply stunning. The high waisted briefs really compliment my stomach, keeping my ostomy bag in place with zero issues when it is full or ballooning. When you want to feel that little bit sexier, wearing lingerie isn’t so difficult! Depending on what your style or how confident you are with your bag, there are so many choices on what you can get!

This nightie from Primark is ULTIMATE comfort! I suffer from hot flushes frequently and don’t like to wear tight nighties at all. Thankfully this one is super baggy and soft, keeping me cool for the night and doesn’t cause any issues with my ostomy bag. Super cute matched up with a pair of slippers or fluffy socks.

If you aren’t so keen on wearing a bra 24/7, which I can totally relate to as they tend to dig in when you wear them every day! Sports bra’s are all I wear! I find being bigger chested than I was before that bra’s can make you feel quite uncomfortable when you are having a bad day with sickness and pain. Sports bra’s are really comfy, soft and don’t dig in and don’t have the same tightness as a normal bra so when being sick or in pain, you haven’t that added lack of movement!

Harry potter anything is my FAVOURITE! So when I seen these pyjamas and dressing gown in my local ASDA store, it was meant to be! They are really comfortable, stretchy and soft. They don’t get too tight around the waist which is brilliant when you have a farty ostomy!

Baggy Apparel (temporarily closed)

Although the very talented Baggy Apparel owner has temporarily closed the store, it will be open again one day! I love these t-shirts specifically to raise awareness of ostomy bags! The t-shirts come in a range of colours and variety of designs! Super comfy, not tight at all and goes with anything!

This environmentally friendly company aims to raise awareness through their brand, making t-shirts, hoodies, bags and so much more! I was super thankful to work on a blog post with them and got myself this special edition t-shirt JUST for me!

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