Free From Threads


Jessica wears her end stoma stigma t shirt!

Free from Threads was created to raise awareness about illnesses and after the tragic news of Seven Bridges, they have been doing a campaign called “End Stoma Stigma” and have raised money for Crohn’s and Colitis UK. The t-shirts and tote bags are raising awareness with slogans like “End Stoma Stigma”, “Too Important to Tolerate Gluten”, “Type 1 Babe”, Coeliac is Not a Fad” and many more for various different illnesses in particular, illnesses which lead to dietary limitations. This is due to too many people perceiving that people who are gluten or dairy free, to be a ‘trend’ and don’t realise the severe health issues and symptoms which can be serious but not taken seriously!

What is even better that the materials used are 100% organic cotton and excess dyes are then reused for road markings!

The brand started by Lyndsay (24), was inspired by her own illness and illness that runs in her family. Lyndsay suffers from Coeliac Disease and has a strict diet of avoiding gluten or her symptoms worsen from Gluten Intolerance which has symptoms such as Migraines,psoriasis and ulcers. 10% of proceeds go towards charities that she supports that ties in with the various illnesses close to home. Lyndsay wanted a company to produce her brand that was organic and reduce environmental impact. ” I spent a week searching for the right supplier who would suit our needs and shared the same values as my own – thankfully, we found one who was right for us!”

The End Stoma Stigma campaign design was in the works just a week before a young boy aged 10 called Seven took his own life due to being bullied because he had a stoma, so all proceeds from the range went to Crohn’s and Colitis UK. The main goal with raising awareness is for people to walk around in their t-shirts that will then make people question about it and everything that comes along side that and their hope is that people will gain knowledge about the conditions therefore breaking stigmas!

Lyndsay also says ” Since adapting my lifestyle and diet for medical reasons, I realised there was a complete lack of awareness about both dietary limitations and the severe and life threatening diseases which lead to lifestyle changes. There is a perception that those who are free from certain foods such as gluten, dairy and lactose is down to choice through either being fussy or just for the trend. There can be really serious health issues related to diet and need to be taken more seriously. Nobody should have to feel awkward or embarrassed for looking after their body and nobody should ever have to feel that they need to explain the reasons behind this. People who suffer illness should be respected and we want to raise awareness about that.

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