Health and Beauty

Here, you will find my favourite health and beauty products that I recommend.

From gorgeous bubble baths to the perfect concealer to hide those dark circles – the products that REALLY are worth it.

Bath Products

Looking after your body on the outside is important too! Shaving cream and a body scrub from natural ingredients will help to keep your skin soft and smooth without damaging your skin. Keeping your skin hydrated helps to avoid flaky skin. Epsom salts are amazing for helping with muscle and chronic body pain, too.

Concealers and Foundations

Getting those dark circles covered can be difficult especially when you are chronically ill! Here are some concealers and foundations I love. Do also make sure you have your Vitamin D, b12 and Full Blood Count checked which can be the main cause of dark circles.

Hair care is super important, whether you colour it or not when chronically ill. Olaplex is my favourite hair care brand. If like me, you suffer with damaged hair, Olaplex is great for strengthening the hair from the ingredients which put nutrition and condition back into your hair bonds. For best results, wash once a week. Shampoo the hair twice, then add the number 8 hair mask onto the ends only and brush through with a tangle teezer. Apply a small amount of conditioner.

You can also book in for regular conditioning treatments with your salon of choice OR you can buy Olaplex numbers 8 and 3 for an intensive at home treatment to rebuild the bonds of your hair.

These are the skincare products I have found to be amazing for my acne prone skin! These are all in different price ranges and can be bought online or on TikTok shop! I had terrible cystic acne in early 2022, a few months after having my son and the Mallows Beauty Peachy Facemask has been the only thing that helped get rid of it. The Vitamin C mask from ASDA gives such a gorgeous glow to the skin and is super affordable!


The perfect primers to go under your makeup! To blur those pores, The Beauty Crop Coco Gold completely blurs your most visible pores before applying makeup. For best results, tailor your primer and skincare to your skin type before applying your foundation and concealer. The Got 2 Be eyebrow mascara is a fantastic, cheap and quick setter for your brows too. Applying your powder with the Trigwell Powder puff gives you such a flawless and filter looking finish! Make sure to set your face to keep your makeup secured to last. Don’t forget to remove your makeup before bed with a cleanser, my favourite is the Elemis Glow Cleansing Butter, which smells like a sweet pumpkin!

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