Health and Beauty

Here, you will find my favourite health and beauty products that I recommend.

From gorgeous bubble baths to the perfect concealer to hide those dark circles – the products that REALLY are worth it.

Bath Products

Ranging from scented to non scented bath salts, for various different aims of use. Bath bubbles, bath dust and bath bombs – all the luscious scents! Using a cream skin peel I find is better for the skin because it doesn’t require any buffing of the skin which is a real benefit to sensitive skin!

Concealers and Foundations

Getting those dark circles covered can be difficult especially when you are chronically ill! Here are some concealers and foundations I love. Do also make sure you have your Vitamin D, b12 and Full Blood Count checked which can be the main cause of dark circles.

Hair care is super important, whether you colour it or not when chronically ill. Matrix and Olaplex are my favourite hair care brands. If like me, you suffer with damaged hair, the Olaplex is great for strengthening the hair again and matrix is great for not so damaged hair – your hairdresser will advise which is best for you depending on the severity of damage your hair has.

You can also book in for regular conditioning treatments with your salon of choice OR you can buy Olaplex number 0 for an intensive at home treatment to rebuild the bonds of your hair (or both!)

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