Health and Beauty

Here, you will find my favourite health and beauty products that I recommend.

From gorgeous bubble baths to the perfect concealer to hide those dark circles – the products that REALLY are worth it.

Bath Products

Ranging from scented to non scented bath salts, for various different aims of use. Bath bubbles, bath dust and bath bombs – all the luscious scents!

Concealers and Foundations

Getting those dark circles covered can be difficult especially when you are chronically ill! Here are some concealers and foundations I love.

Hair care is super important, whether you colour it or not when chronically ill. Matrix has been my favourite hair care brand for a long time now! Before using Matrix, my hair was EXTREMELY damaged.

Pure raw Coconut oil put onto DRY hair and left to soak for a few hours or over night works wonders and leaves your hair so soft – shampoo twice.