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The Purple Wings Charity 

The vision of the charity is to help ostomates regain confidence through our Time for Me Grants. This is a tailor made service and is very much based on a relationship built between the person applying for the grant and all of us here at the charity. It might be that a person really needs some ‘me’ time by relaxing at a spa, going on a shopping trip and attending a photo shoot for example.

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A Bear Named Buttony 

Buttony is a bear with a stoma who is donated throughout the UK to children who are having surgery to create their own stoma.
The inspiration for the project is our daughter who had her first stoma aged three, she’s twenty one now! Feedback received from one of our Buttony families “The only way I can explain ‘A Bear Named Buttony’ is at a time when we were at our lowest point and I as an adult was struggling to explain what was going on to myself, let alone my little girl, Buttony came along and was a little ray of sunshine, something lovely for her at a time when not so lovely thing were happening. Buttony enabled me to explain things in a simplistic way that until then I couldn’t – it made her feel a little bit more “normal” and gave her someone that could go on this journey with us – someone just like her.
To some it’s just a teddy bear but to others it means so much more. Buttony has been an amazing positive influence in our lives.” Please help us raise awareness and get people talking more about bowel health.

Facebook: A Bear Named Buttony

Instagram: @buttonysmum



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