My Favourite Products

Many Ostomates aren’t aware of the products that are available to them or that they are available to us through prescription. You can sample so many products online through stoma companies websites simply by typing “Stoma Samples” into Google.

Here are the products that i use and recommend;


The stoma pouches that I use are from Coloplast’s Sensura Mio range of pouches. I use the convex one piece drainable pouches which enables my stoma not to leak and holds perfectly in place with great flexibility for the days I’m on the move. For best results, i put the pouch on top of the radiator to heat up then once heated, peel off the removable film and place onto my abdomen. This really helps it stick.


When i’m in hospital and I’ve had a cannula or sticky tape with a cotton wool ball, I use OstoPeel Adhesive Remover Wipes from Respond. It takes off the sticky residue left over without any pain and they smell fantastic.


On the days where I have eaten strong smelling foods, I use the OstoMist Odour Neutralizing pouch drops from Respond. My favourite scent is the orange and mint. I put the nozzle into the pouch flange opening that goes around the stoma and I put a few drops inside before applying my pouch. After emptying the bathroom smells great!


To have extra security around my pouch flange, i use the Astoa flange extenders from Respond. These are truly great for me because they don’t irritate my skin and remain waterproof from showering with my pouch on. They enable the flange to stick better round the edges.


To get a good fit and protection of the very close skin around my stoma i use Siltac Ostomy Seals from Trio Healthcare as i suffer from leaks and the skin around my stoma is very sore. It enables healing of that skin and also prevents leaks from happening. Because this product is made from silicone it stretches with the natural movement of the stoma and then goes back into shape, as i suffer from blockages and constipation my stoma swells frequently.


Untitled (33)

My new and loved product is the Salts Healthcare Adhesive Remover Spray and Wipes. They smell of peppermint, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, clean and pain free. They also leave the room smelling lovely of peppermint and the usual smell that lingers when changing your pouch doesn’t linger at all.


My most beloved product that i use is the Elisse Skin Barrier Spray from Trio Healthcare. After cleaning my stoma and the area of skin around it, i then dry off the skin and spray the Barrier Spray which dries like a dream- i don’t have to stand and air it dry and the spray is continuous rather than a pump spray. It puts a barrier on top of the skin so when a leak occurs, the skin is protected.




3 thoughts on “My Favourite Products”

  1. Hey Allanah! It’s RiOT from Twitter. Real name is Johnny, btw. Thanks got sharing your favorite supplies! I’d been wanting to try the brava elastic tape for a while now, but never did because it looked to thick in the pictures. Looks like it’s time to give it a try! Also, I was wondering about your choice to use a 1 piece device. I’ve always used 2 piece devices, and was wondering if I maybe might be missing something. In any case, I also have an accessory to recommend! They’re these sure seal rings that go over your wafer after applying it. It’s a very thin layer of adhesive plastic, but adds a bit more security:

    I feel naked without them now, as I’ve been using them for over 2 years.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog! Much love.


    1. Oh dear, typos aplenty. Just wanted to add, Coloplast is amazing!
      Autocorrrect wanted to change Coloplast to Coldplay, lol.


  2. Hi there! Sorry for the late reply! So good to have your feedback. I had to stop using that product as my skin has been reacting to them. I prefer the 1 piece drainable pouches due to changing my bag daily or every second day and i found the 2 piece very chunky and uncomfortable. I’ll take a look at your recommended product, thankyou.



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