Ostomy Wear



Vanilla Blush.

Providing underwear, supportwear and sportswear for male and female ostomates, available on prescription via the NHS and to purchase. Not only are they beautiful, elegant and soft, they also provide security and coverage of stoma bags to enable self confidence.





This is great company who make support wear in different levels for men and women, boys and girls and also unisex. Each item has a different level of support to suit your needs i.e for hernias. They also do waist bands and most of their products are also available on prescription via the NHS.


They also do thigh sleeves for urinary bags too which you can purchase on their website.



Stoma Style.

Beautifully hand made pouch covers for men, women and children ostomates. These can be uniquely personalised and purchased via the Stoma Style Facebook page.




Hand made covers made by Sophie, who was inspired by her father having a Colostomy due to Bowel Cancer and now makes them for people with many conditions!



The Spoonie Sister Shop

They have a variety of clothing for those who suffer from invisible and chronic illnesses, which was set up by Michelle who says “It’s just getting started, but through it I hope to spread awareness of chronic medical conditions through witty gifts, comfy clothes, and cute yet practical accessories. Ultimately, I want to help uplift and empower fellow spoonies, and help them know that we are never alone in our struggles. That’s also why giving back to NORD is super important to me.”

10% of proceeds are donated to the charity NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders, in which they do patient advocacy, patient & professional education, patient assistance programs, research support, mentorship for patient organizations, and international partnerships. They also help link patients with clinical trials and research studies, and work closely with the Undiagnosed Disease Network, so if you are suffering and still undiagnosed they assist in an investigative diagnostic process!)

As michelle suffers from chronic undiagnosed debilitating abdominal pain, gastroparesis, central sensitization, GERD, and chronic migraines, setting up something fun for others who suffer like her is so important. It’s such a lovely thing to do!

To purchase anything please click here. Follow them on instagram @spooniesistershop



Free From Threads

Free From Threads was created to raise awareness about illnesses and after the tragic news of Seven Bridges, they have been doing a campaign called “End Stoma Stigma” and have raised money for Crohn’s and Colitis UK. The t-shirts and tote bags are raising awareness with slogans like “End Stoma Stigma”, “Too Important to Tolerate Gluten”, “Type 1 Babe”, Coeliac is Not a Fad” and many more for various different illnesses in particular, illnesses which lead to dietary limitations. This is due to too many people perceiving that people who are gluten or dairy free, to be a ‘trend’ and don’t realise the severe health issues and symptoms which can be serious but not taken seriously!

What is even better that the materials used are 100% organic cotton and excess dyes are then reused for road markings!

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