During my pregnancy so far, I have found some super resources for chatting to other pregnant women, a facebook group for mums or expecting mums with an ostomy/jpouch and where you can claim your pregnancy freebies.

Peanut App

This app is fab! Available on Google Play and The App Store. Here, you can join groups for example it will pop you into the group of mums all expecting their babies in the same month, mine is October so I have been put into the October 2021 Babies. You can also find live podcasts that you can join and talk to other pregnant women or women who are newly mums! You can also make posts within these groups just like how you would with facebook, being able to attach photos and ask for advice or looking to connect with other mums. There are loads of groups to join ranging from Arts and Crafts, Food and also Mental Health.

Emmas Diary

Another fantastic app available to Google Play and The App Store. In this app, you can claim free baby packs from Boots, Asda and Tesco! Simply go to the My Club section and click on My Free Packs where you can collect one from each store. It also offers you VIP Coupons, Secret Sales, Deals and Discounts, Articles on Pregnancy and a home page that tracks your progress and lists frequently asked questions and information about you and your baby!

Ostomy and Jpouch Moms

A facebook group that has been made especially for moms who have a stoma or jpouch! I found this group whilst searching for other mums with an ostomy and it has been great. I have made some lovely friends, gotten advice and have been able to share my journey without fear of being judged because more than half of the women in the group can relate to me. This group is private so only other members can see what you post. To join please click here.


An app also available on the Google Play store or App store which is quite similar to Emmas Diary. This app allows you to view a checklist of items you can tick off as you get, it also lets you see your progress and gives information on you and your baby, information on scans, articles, a section on your hospital and you can claim free stuff via the app too! On the Free Stuff tab it gives you discounts on items, how to get free items and just like Emmas Diary, the ability to pick up free packs from Boots however this can only be claimed once from one store.