Spoonie Sister Shop

The Spoonie Sister Shop has a wide variety of clothing for those who suffer from invisible and chronic illnesses, which was set up by Michelle who says “It’s just getting started, but through it I hope to spread awareness of chronic medical conditions through witty gifts, comfy clothes, and cute yet practical accessories. Ultimately, I want to help uplift and empower fellow spoonies, and help them know that we are never alone in our struggles. That’s also why giving back to NORD is super important to me.”

10% of proceeds are donated to the charity NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders, in which they do patient advocacy, patient & professional education, patient assistance programs, research support, mentorship for patient organizations, and international partnerships. They also help link patients with clinical trials and research studies, and work closely with the Undiagnosed Disease Network, so if you are suffering and still undiagnosed they assist in an investigative diagnostic process!)

As michelle suffers from chronic undiagnosed debilitating abdominal pain, gastroparesis, central sensitization, GERD, and chronic migraines, setting up something fun for others who suffer like her is so important. It’s such a lovely thing to do!

To purchase anything please click here. Follow them on instagram @spooniesistershop