The #sickbutinvisible Campaign

The #sickbutinvisible Campaign is founded by Ste Walker to raise and spread awareness of invisible illnesses.

The team who run this fantastic awareness pages via Instagram and Facebook along with fundraising are;

  • Ste (@ste_w22)
  • Natalie (@thespooniemummy)
  • Stephie (@colitis_to_ostomy)
  • Leelo (@leelosaurus_rex)
  • Craig (@i_am_craigg)

For the month of Novber, the founder of #sickbutinvisible Ste, is fundraising for the campaign and Men’s Health Charities. If you would like to help raise funds for the charities please click here.

The campaign also shares people’s stories via Facebook and Instagram with their invisible illnesses, to take part hashtag #sickbutinvisible or #sickbutinvisiblecampaign or you can message the page directly! They have also sent out care packages to people who need a little pick me up which has really helped many.

Merchandise is available on their website to purchase by clicking here!