Hello and welcome to my blog! Here, you will find blog posts and tips/tricks relating to Chronic Illness, Ostomies, Mental health and pregnancy. Just pop over to my menu options where you can get information on different things!

I also blog at the Trio Healthcare Ltd website and do various bits for Respond Healthcare Ltd who are my home delivery company such as booklets and various charities such as The Purple Wings Charity, #GetYourBellyOut and Colostomy UK. I have also done previous contributions to Comfizz and The Stoma Tips magazine and Crohns and Colitis UK.

I do fundraise from time to time and have raised lots of pennies for The Purple Wings Charity, back in 2019 I raised over £600 for an ostomy calendar shoot that went on sale for the year 2020 where my friend Annie and myself were the front cover! I did another charity raffle in 2020 and raised another £100. I also love to help a charity based near me which helps the homeless of Aberdeen which started back in 2018 when I rallied up some donations locally which included toiletries, food, clothing, shoes, blankets and duvets. I also do some behind the scenes charity work where I help those who don’t have very much or are in need of items such as donating to my local food bank and rallying up items for free and then my partner delivers them. I also got many donations and donated items from myself to make up a hamper for Friends Of Jubilee which is a local hospital that cared for my Aunt Nina in her last days when she was diagnosed with cancer just a week prior.

This year, I found out I was pregnant with my rainbow baby and my due date is October 30th! This has meant I haven’t kept so well so my charity work has been put on hold. Every year I plan on going to the annual GetYourBellyOut Ball so I am really hoping to make it in 2022! So until then, I document my life being pregnant with multiple chronic illnesses, and ileostomy bag and multiple mental health conditions here and over on my instagram @glitterygutsx you can also find me on TikTok and my facebook page.