Hello and welcome to my blog! Here, you will find blog posts, and, tips/tricks relating to Chronic Illness, Ostomies, Mental health, Pregnancy, Mobility, and, Parenthood. Pop over to my menu options, where you can get information on different topics and resources!

In 2015, I became an ostomate for life, due to Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Sepsis. Throughout the years, I’ve been diagnosed with multiple different conditions, got engaged to my partner (who also is an ostomate for life), and struggled with fertility. Near February 2021, I found out I was pregnant with my rainbow baby, with my due date being October 2021! I had my son, Odin, via C-Section at 37 weeks pregnant, which was 2 weeks earlier than originally planned (to view my C-Section/birth blog, click here.) Life has been super crazy since then, I have struggled with my conditions, but have also had some amazing opportunities come my way. I blog a bit of here, there, and everywhere, about my conditions, experiences, topics that relate closely to the chronic illness, MH, and, ostomy community, and, all the weird and wonderful things along the way.

This year in March, I went to Glasgow, to film for the BBC iPlayer series, Style Fixers, which went live on the BBC iPlayer app in June. You can watch my episode Series 2: 1. Muskaan and Alannah-Jayne. I also have some exciting collaborations happening soon on my Instagram and TikTok, so be sure to follow me there, too!

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